Ebay is driving me .....

  1. I just need to vent..... i have just had a person with 2 feedback message me to state they feel the price i have my one bag on buy it now for (may i add it is brand new never ever used and listed at $100 less than retail) is not a fair price :cursing: Also i keep getting other stupid people asking me to accept $10 on a $2000 bag . eBay also are not removing some terrible fakes that despite myself and at least 5 other PFers reporting are still there for sale.I am quickly losing any bit of faith i had in eBay . I feel soooo :mad:
  2. I would tell that newbie that if she wants to spend next to nothing on the bag you're selling, then go buy a fake.
    I would also take off the Best Offer option, or a least set an automatic decline limit.
    Lastly, I would add the nasty 2 feedback person to my Block Bidder List - sounds like trouble from the get-go.
  3. Thanks for the advice :tup:
  4. I am there with you. I had some items listed and have been getting offers for 15.00 and 20.00 for $1000+ items. Don't even get me started with ebay buyers!!
  5. I would just ignore it.
  6. Just ignore it and just like jchiara said, tell them to go buy a fake if they want to spend up to $20 for a designer purse.. $20?!!??!
  7. I agree with everything except telling them to buy a fake!

    Bidders can get crazy with best offer options, I try not to use it.
  8. Unfortunately this is the way it is with ebay now. Its something you have to get used to. Just ignore the ignorant emails you get and block people who start to give you grief. If they were to win, they would be the one to cause you problems.

    These people are not going away, so its just something you have to get used to. Its not worth the stress to get mad or upset. Those people are the bottom feeders/cockroaches of ebay.
  9. You are so right :tup: I have calmed down now but Ebay does get me so mad at times :yes:
  10. I got something similar this morning with a pair of shoes...
    UGH!!! I'm fuming right now.
    I just had a comment on a very cute pair of shoes I'm selling on ebay, I'm still shaking my head over it. Out of nowhere I get this email,
    [​IMG]Q: Are these real leather? If not $9.99 is kind of high for a used pair of man made material shoes for Charlotte Russe!

    Um they were $22 shoes and they're in perfect condition with the exception of a bit of wear on the bottoms!!!!!!!! :cursing: Why bother commenting if you're not going to be serious about buying???

    I got quite annoyed but didn't want to be TOO mean so here was my response:
    Thanks for your interest but I paid $22 for these shoes. I believe my price is very fair based on the style and excellent condition, I'm sorry you don't think it is.

    And I added to my auction:
    Also- PLEASE do not email me to tell me you think my price is too high. This is very rude as I have priced these according to condition and what other similar items have sold for. These shoes retailed for $22 in the store which is quite cheap for ANY pair of shoes, and you will be hard pressed to find another pair of shoes like this for the price I have set. No one is making you bid on them so please do not email me simply to ridicule me for my price, if you do not agree with my pricing, I kindly suggest you move onto the next auction you're interested in without emailing me rude comments. Thank you.
  11. I agree with jchiara. I try not to use the Best Offer, but if I do, I usually put in the wording....."reasonable offers please" and an automatic decline limit so that I don't have to constantly decline the ridiculous offers that come my way.
  12. LOL Well, as I said in another thread, if you have people offering you $10 for your expensive designer bags, I can almost guarantee you that these are people who just like the look of the bag, and have no idea that it retails for thousands of dollars, and do not know or care that it is an authentic thusnsuch!

    Either set your doodleding to automatically flush offers below a certain amount, ignore the people, or be nice to them, and politely explain that it is a special kind of bag that really does cost thousands of dollars, that it is not just description hype, like the people selling "genuine antique" Tibetan jewelry, who also claim that their items are worth thousands of dollars!

    You never know - one of those people may come into some money one day, and decide to spend it on expensive bags, and turn out to be a real customer!

    Now the people who offer you $400 - even $100 - are a different story. If they are willing to pay that much for a bag, the chances are that they are indeed hoping to get a thusnsuch bag for a fraction of the retail price!