Ebay Infuriates Me To No End!

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  1. OK- so i tried to revise the timing for my fixed price listing today and those @ssholes at eBay must've revised their policies some more to piss off their sellers. Not only that... I remember when powerseller status meant that you get a lousy phone number to call. Now I have top wait 30 minutes to live chat with someone! WTF! eBay SUCKS
  2. They did just revise the rules again. You can only change the time now if its within 2 hours of your listing time. They've stopped the 'fee circumvention' when sellers were changing the auction length to prevent paying extension listing fees.
  3. I just recently discovered that ebay considered this fee avoidance. I guess because a lot of sellers didn't realize that it was against their rules (I didn't), they've now made it impossible to do--which is just as well if we weren't supposed to be doing it.
  4. i think ebay makes enough money off of us. it's already 10% of all sales not including store listings fees, the money paypal makes, etc. i'm having a "down with ebay" sale on my regular store site to try and draw sales away from my ebay store. i hate those greedy bastards.
  5. I am hoping I will not have to use Ebay or Paypal ever again.
  6. lady

    i agree what you said, this ebay is rediculous, greedy son *&$$#$$##$, all they know is fees here !!!! fees there!!! fees everywhere!!!! and another fee w/ paypal too, they are really a sucker!!!!!:cursing:
    thats why by the time you collect your money nothing left for