ebay Inferno Ciao Ciao - I wanna kick myself!

  1. I didn't even see it listed to begin with! RATS!
  2. awww man!! :sad:
  3. GoldenAnkh : Check your inbox, just PM you. :smile:

  4. :throwup: I am sick to my stomach for not bidding on that.
  5. If I see anything interesting I will try and post it on the forum, if it's allowed!
  6. aww don't worry!! I'm sure another one will pop up for sale. But yeah .. I'd feel the same way.. :push:
  7. Another one will come up...arggg the same thing always happens to me.
  8. Don't feel so bad... it's a seller with only 11 feedback... you don't know what you're going to get with someone that new.
  9. The seller bought it on eBay for $150 and she got burnt real bad from the sale. :sad: I do give new sellers the benefit of the doubt, since many are actually new to the scene and their prices reflects that. Many also have no idea how valuable a certain item is.
  10. ahh that sucks for her
  11. Yeah, and the lucky buyer can do the lucky dance I did last week when I won my Ciao Ciao and Canguro for dirt cheap. I think it's KARMA coming back to haunt me.