eBay INAD case with seller ertc-japan179

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  1. #1 Apr 17, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2014
    This is my first eBay case ever, I would like to share with my fellow TPFers~

    Will try long story short: I bought an bag with description "No bad smell, No smoking house" and "Handles :good condition.Light dirt". But it comes with strong smoking smell and several black pen marks on the handle.

    The pen marks was underside of the handle so it didnt bother me that much, so I contacted the seller about the smoking smell only, here is the timeline:

    4/5: I emailed sller about the smoking smell, seller denied.

    4/6: I provided seller pics of the pen marks on the handle, seller didn’t get back to me.

    4/9: I emailed seller again since he didn’t response my email for 3 days, he said he would answer during that day but he didn’t.

    4/14: After 5 days of seller said “will answer during today”, seller still didn’t, and it has been 10 days since I first contacted him, he still didn’t provide any apology or useful answer. I contacted him again. After I contacted him again on this date, he said he accepts return, but I don’t think I should pay the return shipping because all this inconveniences are due to his mis descriptions. And I happened to like this bad enough, so I said I would like to return on his cost of shipping or some compensation.

    4/15: He was being rude and denied all his mistakes, so I opened the case.

    Screenshots of our communication in the case, oh I am still feeling very offended while going through this... please read according to the time cuz it was upside down in eBay and with my screenshot it is kinda misorder.. and hopefully pics are clear enough...

    This is my first purchase from them, I bidded confidiently with their high rating. Of course I will never buy from them even if he didnt say that, but he required me to not leave any feedback makes me wonder how their high rating percentage comes (maybe cuz they required all buyers with an issue with them not to leave feedback if they want their refund?). LOL

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  2. OP $30 is better than $20 & in most cases, return shipping is on buyer,
    IMO cut your losses while you are ahead of the game ..

    I know its the principle that the bag had more wrong with it than right,
    but you are spending so much time going back & forth with frustration attached
    to the communication just get your $30 & move on...think about it ..

    What I don't like is seller comment about feedback.. sounds like a little fb extortion..

  3. Yea you are right, I didnt want to spend so much time either... but the way he was acting just pissed me off and what is why I insisted... I spent 400+ on the bag and 40 is not that a big deal. It is more like emotional thing now than the amount of money.

    The case is closed now and I agreed not to put feedback, so here I am :smile:

  4. There are times when 'emotions" cloud are thinking..

    The case is closed & you got $30... just move on now
  5. He was like "If the bag have bad smell pls give me approve Before I list on ebay , dont have any smell Or you use and have smell ?" and "if u said this is my mistake, why do u bid and paid? i dont understand. u want bag and cheap price only?".
    But I was the high bidder that is why I got the bag, and how would I know his mistakes before I got the bag? And he was hinting that I was lying? it is pure ridiculous and mean...
  6. Yep I moved on~ just want to share my first time case experience here~~:graucho:
  7. Generally, it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay return shipping even if it is an international sale. If the bag really is in poor condition then the seller should refund you return shipping but it is not required of them.

  8. Thank you for the info. This is my first case so I didnt know... that sounds very unsecure that there is no protection for buyers even if they receive a not as described item... I mean either keep it or return on buyer's cost even if it is seller's mistake...
  9. Well, it's common with a lot of brick and mortar stores, too. The possibility you may have to shell out costly return shipping is one thing to consider when purchasing from Japanese sellers in the future.
  10. Yea... This is my first time purchase from a Japanese seller, and for some reason I always thought a NAD item can be return on seller's cost of shipping lol. I will def think twice in the future, thank you! :smile:
  11. Is it ok to reveal which Japanese seller? I just want to be sure to avoid him/her too.

  12. ertc-japan179~ it is in the title :P

  13. Many sellers will pay for return shipping as a courtesy to a buyer if they
    feel that the item truly has been misrepresented. But many won't.

    With this seller & from his communications, he wasn't likely to give shipping
    back without a struggle. Be glad that you got the $30 which I know you are..
  14. Thank goodness that I didn't win it...I was the $455 bid!
  15. He refunded 40, with the requirement that I do not leave feedback and do not buy from them anymore lol~