Ebay Ignorance

  1. Hey everyone! It's been a while! Just thought I'd share with you this quick little tidbit about the world's ignorance to Ebay. I was in the bagel store the other day and the boys there are always talking about my bags. (Go figure!) Seeing what I'm carrying it around, color, etc. So this new guy there was like, "Cool! My girlfriend just bought her first LV!" I was like "Awesome, been thinking about getting one for a while now..." And so he goes, "Go on Ebay! They have amazing deals!"

    I then applied my Purse Forum knowledge and explained to him that there is an overwhelming amount of fakes on Ebay. He then replied, 'Nope, the one she got said 100% authentic on the auction!'.

    ::Slaps forehead::

    Fakes piss me off. Fakes piss everyone here off. Whatever. I can't help but feel sorry for someone who isn't AWARE that they're carrying a fake. What if she spent like $500? On a fake? I'd feel crappy if I spent $5, let alone anything more than that. I'm willing to give this person the benefit of the doubt and assume it was real. Any other possibility makes me want to throw up!
  2. slaps forehead...you mean HIS right?...what an idiot. About once a month theres this guy who pulls into the parking lot where I work and all the girls in all the offices run out with there money in hand to buy his fakes out of his trunk. Theyre like 3 year olds at Christmas. They are SO proud of their "real" bags. I do take GREAT pleasure in telling them they are fakes and I show them whats wrong with them. They ARGUE with me!...this is why they will be nothing more than clerks and receptionists for their entire lives...not a brain cell in their head.

  3. Ahem, that was an entirely unnecessary comment. Perhaps in your office, but that's a huge an overgeneralization to say the very least, and rather unkind considering there are quite a few people on this board that are office support staff...
  4. Youre right Prada, I do apoligize. But I was talking about this group of girls who really dont have a brain cell in their head. Not receptionists and clerks everywhere. and I myself was office support staff once too.
  5. I am a receptionist/office assistant right now, but only because I'm applying to grad school this fall (gotta have a side job to support unnecessary spending!).
  6. Whoa!!! :confused1:
  7. There are SO many fakes out there that it's almost impossible to find a legit seller these days!!!!
  8. i am one of those ignorant ebay shoppers:s i am going to Saks tomorrow to visit chanel boutique, but some of the bags on ebay seem legit---do you guys think you are ever safe to buy on ebay???:confused1: i would love to save some dollars, but i'm afraid i would always be uneasy wondering if mine is really authentic--what do you think???
  9. ^^^It CAN be done on eBay. You just absolutely 150% must know every little detail about what you are buying, about eBay and about the seller. I've gotten lots of great deals on eBay (Paid $400 for a NEW Prada bag retails for $1100). If you have any doubts that you can work eBay, then I do suggest you suck it up and pay retail. I've also done that just to avoid the inevitable hassles and questions that eBay shopping can bring.
    If you have bag questions -Post a bag in the designers forum...in Auth This with the ebay link ...the PF-ers are very helpful authenticating bags on Ebay..and very careful as well!
  11. I would never make a MAJOR buy on Ebay. I don't completely rule Ebay out of my life, I guess I would buy furniture or a TV or something. Never a bag, though. It's just far too important. Like Prada said, it can be done...I personally would have more peace of mind spending to extra couple bucks buying it in an actual store. Usually the discounted price isn't really that much. Some people get really fortunate though. I'm just not that gutsy! It's too much of a risk for a secretary like me!
  12. agree.:upsidedown: ...btw I always buy my shoes on Ebay, especially my Chanel & Gucci...the key is that you have to know who you are dealing with. I already have a listing of my favorite sellers that i know for a fact they sell authentic items. I have made a couple of designer bags purchases (totally satisfied) as well as I have sold many expensive designer handbags. :jammin: