ebay, i wish i knew how to quit you.

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  1. anyone else try (and fail)?
  2. I stopped using the site for about three months because of work commitments but I alwasy go back as I always have stuff to sell :upsidedown:
  3. ok seriously the title made me laugh out loud.

    i have been really bad and not listing really for months. a little hear and there but not much. but buying, plenty of buying. so yesterday i finally kicked my own butt and listed like 18 new things and relisted about 2o that i had forgotten about. i need to SELL baby!

    sometimes i wish i could quit but i really need the money.
  4. i'm addicted to browsing through ebay!!!

    there are times that i feel compelled to just buy or bid on something for the thrill of "winning something"... then a voice inside me starts telling me to just get my lazy @$$ to the store and buy it from there...

    ... i've read way too many horror stories on ebay... have to be extremely cautious...
  5. I'm too addicted to it lol ^-^
  6. I am severly addicted to eBay. Just look at my signature! Seriously, I would be in a very different place (financially) if it weren't for eBay!

    Honestly, I really have gotten myself into financial trouble due to eBay. DH says its an addiction and I think I might actually go to D.A. (debtors anonymous) because like DH says the more $ we make, the more you spend. I can spend $5,000+ on eBay in 1 month like nothing. NOT GOOD.
  7. ya I can't quit either plus I'm an enabler.
  8. I am trying to convince myself NOT to purchase any handbags from said site and I've been able to maintain my position but...my watchlist is huge and at any moment I could click on that little button and set myself up to receive a fake but I could also get a great deal..What cha gonna dooo?
  9. ^ me too. i've had a real bad run w/sellers lately (not w/handbags, but w/other purchases) and i'm tired of it. did it stop me from buying b.e. makeup today? no...........
  10. No I still look but I tend to buy mostly with stores. I wish they had better protections for the buyer against fakes and I would probably visit more often.

    I still sell on Ebay but I hate to unless it will sell for a decent amount of money since the Ebay/Paypal fees are so high.
  11. I haven't tried to quit and I love ebay. I have had problems with fakes etc but hey the + outweigh the -.

    I don't feel anymore that I spend my money on BS from H&M when I can spend the same amount on a designer item. I honestly don't think I would spend any less if it weren't for ebay but I wouldn't have that a well-sorted wardrobe.
  12. It's too hard!
  13. For me? It's gotten to the point where I look for everything I need on eBay - cushions for my patio chairs, Chanel make-up brushes, bows for my baby girl's hair, a new pair of shoes. I am so far gone, it's the first place I go for ANYTHING!
  14. Don't feel alone. I'm in the same boat!:P
  15. I would like to quit ebay too. I have had a couple of good deals in the past but recently bought 2 fake perfumes (I had no idea that they were fake until they arrived). It really makes me angry that EVERYTHING has the potential for being a fake :cursing: