Ebay Hypothetical...

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  1. What if you pay for an item and they just plain don't ship it? And it's a pretty expensive item? :worried:

    I heard some of you ladies saying that you can file a claim but you end up only getting back like $125 max.
  2. You dispute with your CC company - plain and simple.

    Always pay with CC through PayPal; then you are protected.

    When you buy throught Ebay you get a receipt just as if you bought through Neiman's etc..that receipt is all the proof you need to prove that you paid. The burden of proof is always on the Company.
  3. Uh oh! Right now it's linked to my bank account. I should change that, right?
  4. It happened to me. But I got all of my money back. It was easy, actually. I just launched the complaint through PayPal, Paypal investigated, and within days the funds were returned to me (directly on my cc).
  5. Yes. You need to buy via PayPal and using a credit card, in order to be protected thoroughly.
  6. all you have to do is go into your paypal account and affiliate a credit card with it, it goes pretty quickly.
  7. Thanks guys!