Ebay: how to cancel bidders bids?

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  1. I requested no one with less than 10+ feedback bid on my auctions, so of course someone with ONE positive bid right away. Ugh. How do I cancel their bids? I don't want a rookie buyer and I don't want buyers to think it's a shill bidder. Help!

    Thanks guys!
  2. Don't you know that buyers never pay attention to auction guidelines as stipulated by the seller?? :P

    I know it's your auction, and you have the right to sell to whomever you want, but why don't you want a "rookie bidder" buying your item? You mentioned that the bidder has 1 positive feedback, not 0 feedback. Well, everyone has to start somewhere! You had 1 positive at one point, as did I. Perhaps email the bidder to inquire as to why he/she didn't adhere to your terms, thus determining their willingness to actually go through with the purchase based on their communication.
  3. Their one feedback is based on a random household item that cost $3.00 and I'm selling things that *could be* pretty expensive depending on final bid (I set a reserve so I'm covered). The auction still has a week to go, so should I just hope that she placed a "watch this item bid" with no real intention to win - or cancel now? I guess I wouldn't feel as shaky about it if she had emailed me first - but in light of ebay's new rules that totally favor the buyer and leaves little protection for a seller - I just want to be as safe as possible, which is why I requested a minimum of 10 feedback which didn't seem like a ton.
  4. this listing must be for your HG ruby....I am looking at it and drooling...dont worry i m sure you will find your baby a good home.
  5. I used to put this one my listing too, but no one paid attention to it. I just block people with 2 UPI strikes etc. I have found that I need those less experience bidders to bid because hey--A bid is a bid. Sometimes I will contact the seller to make sure they will pay. However I have had really good experiences lately.
  6. I'm doing the same thing on my listings for high end stuff.

    If you click on the bids (eg: 3 bids), it'll show you the bid history.

    At the bottom of that is cancel bids link. Copy and paste the item number and user ID of the bid you wanna cancel and write in why (eg: buyer has less than 10 feedback which listing states it doesn't allow).

    Then, and this is what I do, I go onto my block bidder list and add them so they can't bid at all. (I usually just google " ebay block bidder" and it leads me right to it. Haven't figured out how to get there through ebay's site yet...they hid a lot of links)

    Good luck! And remember, nothing bad will happen to you if you block them or cancel their bid. You're the seller...you make absolute judgement on this.
  7. ^^Thank you so much nancyxwu - that's exactly the info I needed! :flowers:
  8. check "my ebay"
    check "sell list"
    cancel the bidder
  9. Click on "Site Map" located in top right of EBay site or on the "My EBay Summary" page underneath the Help topic;
    Look for topic heading "Sell" then "Selling Activities"
    "Cancel Bids" link is under that heading as well as "blocked buyers list" etc.