ebay hoodies

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  1. they're fake.

    a person on here saw them at her mall i believe, and they were just sold at a regular store.
    i am amazed at how much they are going for.
  2. I was shocked at the prices too- I have watched many of them sell!
  3. i hate admitting they're cute other than the short arm thing a trend i can't get down with hoodies are supposed to have arms people!

    jokes, but seriously i saw one approach 90 and i'm sure they're 20-30 dollars at whatever store carries them.
  4. that sucks-people think they are getting the real deal
  5. for any auctions i post on ebay for tokidoki related products especially the bags i started providing info on the fakes and also a reference page link to what styles existed and patterns because so many people get burned and it's easy to have happen if you don't know.
  6. I was curious about that new hoodie as well. I figured it must be a fake though. Still though it is cute but like you said I wish it had long sleeves on it.
  7. I think we had a thread before but we definitely talked about it on LJ... a lot of people actually really like them but I think it sucks that people make $$ off of other people's creations. It's a big no no... has anyone emailed tokidoki.it about this? They sell it in some malls aparently I forget which stores tho...
  8. OMG!!! i honestly thought they were real. lol!! I saw the long sleeve version of it somewhere online. now i cant remember. its one of those asian sites.
    For that price though, i rather get a bag or a 8" qee.
  9. I haven't seen any clothes collaborations for tokidoki so that's the only reason why I said they were fake when I first saw them... plus the characters are discolored and tokidoki wouldn't really do that.
  10. hey guys!
    This Forum doesn't have a specific Moderator so we're relying on you all to keep it neat and easy for everyone to navigate.
    PLEASE post posts where they belong.
    For example, this one is an authenticity question.
    Please only post these questions in the sticky thread I provided to you.

    Keep your home tidy por favor! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.