Ebay, Hermes and Wire transfers.. help!

  1. Hi!

    So I am looking at buying a birkin at Luxwear from eBay but she only accepts wire transfers? Does that mean I cant use a credit card at my bank? I am a little wary of sending cash because what if they disappear mid transaction? I know she is considered a reputable seller here but how can it be expected that I pay all the money and take all the risks?

    I've never bought a fake bag, but the potential for something to go wrong with this transaction truly scares me.


    Thanks in advance ladies!

  2. You won't have a fly-by-night experience with that seller, for sure.
    The reason why sellers of authentic bags prefer wire transfer is that they're protecting themselves against chargebacks via paypal. Not that the wire transfer method guarantees that the seller you buy from is indeed authentic, but with a reputable seller there's no headache.
    Many members here on tpf have bought from her and the experience has always been positive.
  3. Luxwear is amazing! You should buy with confidence from her!
  4. Webgerl, wire transfer just means filling out a form at your bank transferring money from your account to the sellers. I have done this a few times for different goods where I knew the seller to be reputable. You need have no worries in this case.
  5. Wire transfers can be scary!!
  6. True Giselle, but Luxwear is well known here.
  7. So, there wouldn't be a problem with Authenticity?
    That's good to know then.
  8. Giselle, have you contacted her at her site or is this eBay? I was under the impression she took CC at her site. She is a very fine seller of authentic bags.

    Not crazy about wire transfers in general I might add.
  9. I would always go for Paypal, but have made a few exceptions. Luxwear is on tPF list of reputable sellers on eBay. If you look through the shopping section of the H forum you will find this list.
  10. Ask your bank what their fees are for doing a wire transfer. You may be more inclined to ask the Seller if you could pay her fees for her?
    I would be VERY cautious about a wire transfer myself. I prefer my Paypal linked to my American Express.
  11. Once you transfer the money it is theirs! You have no recourse!!! I would not do it. Just my own opinion.
  12. I buy from Pete (Luxury Zurich) and I go wire transfer ALL THE TIME. It all boils down to trust. There's no two ways out of it.

    If you insist of using PayPal, you will be expected to stomach ALL the PayPal fees (someone who's familiar with PayPal fees might want to elaborate on this), in addition to the sale price of the bag. There's no way a reseller would pay that for you.

    And yes, Luxwear is in the top league. She sells authentic. If, because you want to use PayPal, and end up buying from someone else who does not sell authentic, I hardly think it's worth it.

    In this day and time, it is hardly possible for wire transfer to go missing, if you have all the bank information.

    If you want better assurance, do NOT use Western Union. Use bank transfer from your bank, which will ensure that funds get wired to Luxwear's bank account.

    Good luck in your decision and may we see an unveiling of your birkin in due course! :tup:
  13. You can always ask if Luxwear accepts an echeck through paypal, the fees are significantly lower (about 5 dollars I believe), it will take 3 business days to clear and it does come directly out of your bankaccount, but you still have the protection of using paypal.
  14. Through ebay - but she e-mailed me through my e-mail address and not through ebay.
    Disappointed about the CC issue though.:sad:

    Just another thought - I would think these reputable sellers like that would want to keep ALL positive feedback and not risk it.
    To me if just one negative shows up that claims "Fake" their reputation is shot.
    I know if someone had any feedback with even just one Fake issue, I wouldn't purchase from them.
    That doubt is there.

  15. Oh, that's a good point.