Ebay help

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  1. I need to sell some authentic Chanel stuff as quick as possible to pay for vet bills. I'm always at a loss for what a good price is. One that maximizes my profits but will also sell quickly. The items I'm going to sell are a pair of size 9 cambon flats (worn maybe 15 times) and a chanel red flap that I sent it in to Chanel and had completely refurbished.

    Tips? Suggested prices? Do you guys have better luck with BIN with best offer options or the actual auction style listings? Those take longer and I'm in a bit of a rush. I need to pay for a surgery next week. Please help!

    TIA my lovelies!
  2. you can compare prices at ebay...check if there are other listings that match your item...you can more or less make an estimate from that..

    there are no problems with BIN options...i think that would be better so the buyer wont have to wait...as long as ur price is right :smile:
  3. That's a great idea-thanks. Gonna go do a little surfing.