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  1. I need help from more experienced ebayers. I have an auction that just ended. The problem is that I clearly stated US shipping only and the winning bidder is from Canada. What do I do? I didn't really want to deal with shipping outside of the US. Is it much more expensive to ship to Canada? Also, how do I go about charging the buyer for the additional shipping? Or do I have to sell to the buyer since they didn't read the rules of the auction? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I am from Canada and have never been a seller, only a buyer. I would expect to pay more for shipping to my country. You auction probably quotes the shipping for a US address, the buyer will expect to pay more.
    Shipping to canada is more of a hassle on the buyers side - they have to pay the taxes and duties on reciept of the item. They know this, it will be at least 20% of the value declared on the item. Just ship through a reputable company, it will get here. The odd time things get hung up at customs but they arrive. When they ask what the item is just be very general, do not quote a brand name. Just say "gift" and declare the value.
  3. If you go to usps.com, you can figure out what your shipping options are. You can also blocked bidders outside the US in future auctions if you want to by changing your Preferences. But, the tradeoff is that you might then sell less items.
  4. thanks ladies. I guess I am just surprised that the person bid without contacting me first to find out if I'd be willing to ship to Canada. Does anyone know about how much more it is to ship to Canada from the US via USPS? I know that within the US shipping and insurance on a package of this size and cost usually runs about $8 to $10.
  5. Im also from Canada and to my knowledge, shipping from the states into Canada isn't drastically much more. Or I could be wrong, Im just double checking on the parcels I've recieved from the states.

    If you want to approximate the price, just double it. $16 - $20 for shipping isn't too unreasonable considering the fact she never contacted you about shipping outside of the States. Just explain the situtation that it'll cost more to ship outside the states and Im sure the buyer will comply. You could always pay the buyer back the difference. Or bring it to the postage office to get a more specific read.

    Canadians postage itself is VERY expensive, so don't worry about telling the buyer! Shipping a pair of shoes within your own province is like $15-$20 with tax and insurance! :yucky:

    The only complication you'll have is filling out a short Custom Form while paying for postage.