Ebay Help

  1. I tried logging onto my eBay account to leave feedback for a seller and realised that eBay had suspended my account due to 3 unpaid items which I have no idea about. I've been trying to clarify things with them but they insist that I have to pay for these auctions or my account will remain in suspension.

    What do I do? I've already mailed them paypal ID# transactions of all my previous successful bids etc but they still refuse to do anything. :cry:

  2. I wonder if your account got hijacked or something? Email them and wait for a reply, hopefully you'll get it soon. That's crazy!
  3. What?? Wait, just to clarify, you had your account suspended for three unpaid items that you actually did pay for through paypal? Or the account is suspended over three unpaid items you didn't even buy in the first place? Or are these items that you didn't pay for, maybe like counterfeit bags that you discovered after bidding?

    If you didn't pay for a few items even for very legit reasons, then eBay probably can suspend you. Go back and file a seller dispute if you can to get those unpaid auctions resolved. But if they have been paid for or simply don't exist, call ebay and YELL! Grr!!

    Did eBay send you auction numbers? Can you look up the auctions that you're accused of not paying for? Try demanding the auction numbers if you don't have them to get a more specific idea of what eBay is accusing you of.

    Also, and I know this sounds silly, but does anyone else in your house have access to your ebay account? I know of cases where kids bid on items using their parents' accounts and then don't know how to pay for the items (actually, my little brother did this to my parents once!).

    I hope this all gets resolved quickly!!

  4. I agree - don't pay a penny that you don't owe! I have also heard of accounts being hacked into/hijacked. :yes:

    Get eBay to send you full information about these 'sucessful bids'.

    If they are for types of items that you have never bought before, perhaps this will convince them of your innocence?
  5. The eBay items were items I had absolutely no idea about and was all made last year which I didn't buy much items at all except for earrings and some shoes. The successful Paypal transaction # I emailed them are of my latest successful auctions that I DO know about and have paid accordingly. I have absolutely NO idea about the ones they've sent me about and one of the auction items belongs to a suspended user also. I can't access anything in the My eBay section at all, nothing I can even check. :cry:

    I've only been able to email eBay so far and didn't really see any numbers each time I clicked on the Contact Us button. I'm at a loss because I've had great record of paying sellers and now this happens! I'm expected to pay for a bunch of items that I didn't even know about!

    My eBay password is saved on my laptop and now that you mention it, I'm wondering if one of my sisters actually used my eBay mistakenly but they're all out clubbing at this time (1.53am on my side):sad: :cry::cry::cry::cry:
  6. so sorry to hear this has happened to you.. i would just recommend that you contact ebay again (which you have).. ask for some record that it was actually you and the items were sent to you directly..... if u never got the item, i don't see a reason why you should be paying for it.. this must be a real nigthmare so i hope it gets taken cared of soon...
  7. Ohh, I understand now, so sorry about this situation, Itsabagslife! I really hope that your account wasn't hijacked as suggested. Good luck resolving the problem.
  8. Hi, I am really sorry to hear this has happened to you! It does sound as though your account has been hijacked, but hopefully it is something as simple as your sister using your eBay account. Either way, you might want to change your password right away, and if you use that password anywhere else, change it there too.

    I found a couple of #'s for eBay and I will PM you with those. I am not sure if they will help but it's worth a try!
  9. When you first logged into eBay, did you go directly to the website to login or did you click on a link through an email? I'm just wondering if it could be some kind of phishing scam to try and get your password info.
  10. Did your email have any sort of link to pay for these items? It almost sounds like a fraudulent email. Although you can't log in, hmmm.

    Usually Ebay tells you to work this out with your Seller, not requesting that you pay for items. If legit, the protocal would be to contact your Seller, work things out and request that the SELLER remove the strike against you. Ebay has nothing to do with this. Technically if you can get one Seller to reverse the Strike, you will be reinstated. I would try for the most recent transaction.

    But then again, if you can't log in, how can you contact your Sellers? And if it is last year, why did all 3 different Seller wait so long to file UPI disputes? Seems strange.
  11. it does sound as though someone hijacked your account. there has been a lot of this associated with phsising- or sending emails that look like they are from paypal or eBay and request you input your password or something at a site that also looks like ebay, except the web address is different. then whoevers site it is has your ebay/paypal account ID and password. one of my friends had someone go on her account and try to sell mobile homes through her account! she had to get a new back account, paypal account and eBay user ID before feeling safe again. i never ever ever ever open any of my emails from eBay. i just do everything through My eBay and i've never had any problems- so far! (knock on wood)

    give eBay a phone call and demand to talk to a person who can help you resolve this quickly!
  12. Definitely change your password and NEVER let anyone know your password! Make it easy to remember so you don't need to write it down anywhere.
  13. I hope that you can get this resolved quickly! It does sound like some type of phishing scam (I've gotten some from paypal that even know my name and really make it sound like it's from paypal). The scammers are getting more and more trickier and sophisticated every single day!
  14. I"m upset and scared for you. Good luck
  15. AhhhHHhhh! My latest update on eBay frustration!

    I emailed eBay and called them (Thanks mm76 :flowers:) about the problem and what I could do to resolve it, so the conversation went something like this:

    Hi, I understand that my account was suspended because of 3 UPI strikes and I've written an appeal to eBay about it but the thing is I don't know any of these purchases at all. Can I know what can I do to reinstate my account?

    eBay CS:
    According to our records, you did place your bids on their items and you have to contact these sellers and have them remove the UPI against you or you can email us the Paypal transaction # that you paid them trhu and we can remove it for u.

    But the thing is I don't even know I bought anything from them, and I've emailed them about it but they've ignored my emails. I did email eBay CS and I got the same response.

    eBay CS Lady:
    I'm afraid that you can only get them to remove the UPI Strike unless you can prove you didn't bid on these items but our database shows that you have.

    No, BUT the thing is they are not responding to me and I want to keep my account. I have been making payments on time and I have 100% feedback! And these auctions were made in 2005 when I was not as active, is there nothing I can appeal against?

    eBay CS Lady:
    Sorry, we can't do anything about it unless you can prove that your account was hijacked. I guess you might have to try registering for another ebay account if it doesn;t work out.



    The &^%$#& eBay CS lady just can't get it thru her head! She spoke like a recording machine thruout! I don't know about these transactions, how in the WORLD do I send them Paypal transaction payment records? The sellers are refusing to respond so do I really have to register again?

    I had 100% feedback!! *Sob* :cry: