Ebay Help....

  1. Ok so here's the deal... I purchased this item from eBay and got it today...see listing 260192605205... and the purse that they sent me is the SMALL Chelsea
    measurements as follows:
    18 3/4" strap
    8 1/2" drop
    9 3/4 (L) x 5 5/8 (H) x 2 3/8 (W)

    The purse that I bid on was according to the listing:
    21" strap
    9 1/2" drop
    11 7/8 (L) x 7 3/4 (H) x 2 7/8 (W)

    So What Should I do? I sent the the person an e-mail.
  2. Wait for their response.
  3. I e-mailed them about 2-3 times last week asking them if they shipped out the item and never got a response. So I am worried I won't get a response from them now.
  4. File a "Item Not Received - You didn't receive your item, or you received an item that was different than described" via eBay. You could find this option under Security Center. The seller has to respond, otherwise your money will be refunded.
  5. What a great idea! That'll force a response, won't it?
    OP, let us know how this works out.
  6. Yes, file immediately..that will usually spark the seller's interest.
  7. File item not as described claim right now
  8. She will show delivery. It doesn't matter if a widget or a penny was in the box. She has proof you received it (if she used delivery confirmation).

    File a Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) complaint.

    I don't know if you can win this because measurements are variable. Make sure you take your own photos with a ruler and show the photos in a photobucket or similar site and put the link to the photos in your statement.
  9. Brilliant idea.
    That sort of thing makes me so mad!!
  10. Do you think it would just be easier to take the item back to coach or macy's and get a gift card to buy another purse? cause i payed 15.00 for shipping at first to ship out the item and if I file a SNAD I will have to ship it back at my expense...correct? so I would be loosing 15.00 more dollars.
  11. If you win the claim, paypal will refund your original shipping, but yes you have to pay to ship it back. Not sure about taking it back or not, I do know the SA at the Coach outlet told me they would take anything back, as long as it didn't look used.
  12. I ended up returning it to a coach store and used my 25% off discount and got the signature brown medium carly!