Ebay help!

  1. I am looking on eBay for a Birkin and it seems that they all have different colored dustbags. Some are a beige linen, some are orange, some have an elongated smaller pouch for the rain covers, some are shorter for the keys. Can someone please inform me on what an AUTHENTIC Hermes Birkin bag comes with? Thank you!:confused1:
  2. Oh that poppy...:drool::heart:
    Older bags have orange dustbags, new ones - beige linen...
    You should post the question at Authenticate this...thread.
  3. Okay- thank you!
  4. You could have an older bag with a newer style dustbag if it went to the spa within the last year and was returned with a new dustbag.
  5. The even older ones have brown velvet-like dust bag with brown logo. Then came the orange, then now the beige.
  6. additionally-you can still buy a brand new bag at hermes with orange dustbags..........they still have them commonly. also i bought a birkin that had a beige sleeper with orange felt and two orange smaller bags.............they are still usinng them up
  7. I wonder why Hermes feels the need to switch.
  8. i like the new beige ones best, the tan velvety ones collected dust and fluff on the outside, and the orangy ones are very thin. the newer type looks nicest IMO.
  9. I got a combi set. Picked up a kelly recently with an orange dustbag, but the bags for the keys and the shoulder straps were the new linen ones!
  10. I think so too!