Ebay Help!!

  1. I have bought a PS3 for my boyfriends birthday..the thing is there is a problem with the item! it switches of itself and the item is clearly stated in being brand new!

    So i contacted the seller and he made it perfectly clear that he would not refund the money and saying he didn't know the item was faulty as he hasn't had the time to play etc...he said he can give us the number to contact the supplier he bought from which i stated it is not our problem and would want a refund! I am still currently emailing and he said he will try his best to help us with this issue but all we want is our money back! Is item is clearly "not as described" category.

    What i want to know is can paypal do anything in getting our money back? As the item i bought has not got the paypal safe shield i would not get the maximum but i dont want paypal to pay out..i want him!

    Would i have to open a dispute at the resolution centre and talk it through there?

    I like to think i have a better chance in winning..just not fair where im getting ripped regardless of him saying he doesnt know there was a fault. He sold us an item that is no use to us.

    I hope you can give me a insight in how to approach this situation,


  2. Well, he offered to give you the number of the distributor. I would try that route first. Then if no avail, file a claim w/ paypal that item not as described.
  3. file a claim through your CC, not paypal. paypal might not protect you under the "item not as described" claim.
  4. Don't do this. They can freeze or even close your account. You also get charged a reversal fee.

    File through paypal and if they can't solve your problem file w/ your credit card.
  5. If you contact the original distributor, they will ask you the proof of purchase. Obviously the seller didn't include that when he sold the item.

    You could try to file a dispute of "Item Not As Described" via PayPal. If they fail to help, then you could file a charge back from your CC, which will require you to provide proof of returning with signature of receiving from the original seller.
  6. I never knew if file a chargeback from CC without contacting PayPal will result a PayPal account frozon. How did it happen? And what is the reversal fee if doing so.

    Could someone tell more about it?
  7. Paypal will not protect you. They're only in it for themselves. If they allow a sale, then they get a cut. If they refund your money for an item that broke after you used it they won't make any money. I doubt they will side with you.
  8. Thanks for all your help, what does a charge back do? does it work? Do i have to contact my credit card company to make it work?

    The guy is refusing to refund..well he would but it would take like a year saying how he bought the item in japan so he will need to go back at the end of the year to fix it. He can't guarantee a refund but any waste of time would be charged..i cant believing he is charging me!

    During one of our emails through eBay he know stated it is "technically second hand", im so annoyed at him! why are their no honest sellers!!

    i am filing it through paypal but would it be pointless to take it to civil court about this matter?

    Now its war!
  9. "technically second-hand" probably means it's refurbished. if you can prove he said that after you purchased it thinking it was brand new, you might have a case with paypal. Especially if he never stated that in the listing. you have to call your CC to file a chargeback. Can I ask how much you paid? and when?
  10. I paid £300 for it, i checked his feedback and he seems like a honest seller. Its not the money now, its just the principle! I paid it in good faith believing it is brand new. I want the money back so i can get another one for my boyfriend. I bought it last week and we did try other options before coming to him.. we took a game back thinking its the game but we got another one and it still does it. On his listing he clearly stated brand new japanese Ps3...he only contradicted himself in the last email he sent us. He was annoyed how we got his contact address and phone number...i let him know that eBay has the rights to do that as they want you to sort the matter out privately.
  11. tell him you're going to keep bothering him until he does the right thing and accepts the return. i mean he's busted. he can't say it's brand new when it's a refurbished ps3.
  12. although i did talk to someone else about ps3's and they said that sony was having a problem with blue ray discs. and that after you played a blue ray disc a few times in it, it won't play anymore. but i can't imagine that a japanese version ps3 should be that much different from regular ps3's. maybe yours is a fake?
  13. item is not as described if its not new when it was stated new. just file with paypal and escalate to a claim. if things go bad then contact your credit card. there's nothing else you can do.
  14. File claim with Paypal first. If they don't help you out then do a chargeback through your CC. I hope everything gets resolved for you soon.
  15. This to me is a clear case for a SNAD claim. I know not a thing about playstations, but I do know the difference between 'brand new' and 'refurbished'!