Ebay help-unverified address for paypal


Feb 5, 2006
I've tried to locate other threads about this but couldn't find one. I just sold a purse on ebay and the buyer paid immediately via paypal. The only thing is her address is unverified which means I am not covered by paypal's protection plan. Has anyone ever come across this?? The purse wasn't expensive but I'm not sure how to proceed. I don't want to run into this when I put my LV's up. Is this a big deal? Thanks!!
Well my boyfriend had that problem when we moved to our new apartment, his paypal address was his old house and he hadn't gotten his address changed via paypal. His seller accomidated him and sent it to our new address. Perhaps this is the same situation the girl is in??? If it isn't something like that then I would say it is a judgement call on your part if you want to send it to the given address she supplied.

I recently had a similar situation...I bought a purse on ebay and wanted it sent to my boyfriend's apartment (I'm currently saying with him while I go to school, but my grandparents don't know and would freak out if they found out, so it's kind of a secret and I didn't want to go to through the trouble of changing all my address info with the bank, BMV, mail, etc etc, so I kept my billing address as my parents' address)...but I simply asked the seller if she could send it to the address even though it wasn't my VERIFIED/CONFIRMED billing address via paypal.

Well she said she would send it there...I haven't received it yet being it's Sunday and all, but I hope it comes to this address, if not I know it will go to my parents' home.

Sorry about the EXTRA LONG ramble, but it would be up to you if you want to send it to her or not. Since you said it wasn't expensive then you could go for it this time. But when you list your LV make it a stipulation in your listing that you will only ship to verified addresses???

Wow that was a long rant, sorry about that.
Thanks hell lo kitty!!! I appreciate it. I haven't done much selling on ebay so I wasn't sure what to make of it. I e-mailed her and since it wasn't very expensive I'll probably go ahead and send it.