Ebay help: receiving tons of "second chance offers"

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently bid on a Balenciaga City bag on eBay, and did not win the auction. A few days after the auction ended, I started to receive many (about 5-6) emails from different people who claim that they are the owner of the bag and would like to sell to me at my highest bid price since the original winner of the auction had "personal issues" and could not follow through on the auction.

    Of course now, I am very skeptical that any of these people are legit. The first email I got though, I was thinking "wow, it's my lucky day." hehehe.

    Have any of you guys experienced the same thing? This is the first time that I ever bid on an eBay designer bag and now I'm wary of ever doing it again... There are just so many scammers out there.....

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Those second chance offers are scammers more than likely, especially if you've already received 5-6 of these. I've gotten them before. If the item you bid on was public (your name is shown in the high bidder/bid list) then that's how the scammers contact you to solicit you with these shady offers. Just report those to eBay.
  3. I did too and i just delete them, the best way to know for sure is that you log in to your ebay acctn, if the seller really did offer you the second chance then the message will be in your ebay acctn. Don't even open the email that you get in your regular acctn. Sometimes you might get a viruse.
  4. Any legit offer will be in your eBay messages, AND you can also take the auction number and just put that in the search engine. Voila, there it is...if it's legit.
  5. Funny cause just this morning I received a second chance offer on a LV item I bid on and have yet to hear anything from the "seller" when I asked a few follow-up questions.

    If I were you, I would ask something very specific about the bag that the seller wouldnt be able to guess about -- like "Can you please send some new pics of the item as I can get a good look at [insert feature]".....

    If the seller can't come up with a new pic, then I am sure they don't have the product.
  6. Yeah always make sure it's in your ebay account too...just like those "phishing" scams that get sent to your regular email. I always let my cursor hover over the link (but DON'T click it) that's given in the email and see what site pops up on the screen in the little window. It's usually some weird link that doesn't even come close to being ebay. All official ebay mail will be in your ebay account and the links will start with https (the "s" standing for "secure").
  7. that hasn't happened to me yet, but i've heard of it happening to other buyers.

    however, i do get emails from other sellers trying to sell me a bag i've been outbidded on (even though the auction is still running) for far less... i always ignore and/or report them. i don't even bother responding.