Ebay help please

  1. Hi all. ok now the MP closed down am going to use ebay instead..

    can someone please explain it to me... how to use it.

    I have registered already. but whats the process.. im a bit dumb.

    i need a step by step guidance as i dont know how the fees aer taken how do i get buyers to buy whats the negative feedback etc..

    thanks all
  2. I'll try to do it in a nutshell (I've been using it for over 6 years).
    You already did step one.
    Step 2 is to go over to paypal.com and register for that. That allows you to accept payments from people electronically. Their website will explain it all to you. You register and provide your checking account information and then you can transfer your sales money directly to the bank account (it is perfectly safe!). I think they might also make you use a credit card too.

    Step 3: Click on the community button on the top of the page (right next to where it says 'myebay'). This is a great place with a bunch of forums. There are forums for sellers (called 'seller central') and even one for handbags (they help with authentication). I would recommend spending a little bit of time reading some of the threads. They are very very very informative and the people are very helpful.

    My advice: Since you just started on ebay you are not going to get alot of serious buyers. You need to build up your feedback. Feedback is given for every purchase...the seller leaves feedback for the buyer (basically saying they paid in a timely manner, etc.) and the buyer leaves feedback for the seller (basically saying they got their item in a timely manner and that they got what they were expecting). Positive feedback is good....negative feedback is bad...you don't want negatives! I would recommend that you buy something on ebay...something cheap just to get a feel for the process. Then try to sell something....start CHEAP though....so you know what you are doing. You'll get the hang of it really quickly and the people on the 'seller central' forum board are extremely helpful.

    If you have any questions that are specific please feel free to contact me. I live on ebay :smile:
  3. Also......I'd love to add you to my sellers page./...so you when you get ready to sell, if you could let me know that'd be great!
  4. no problem. thanx so much twiggers..

    i cant do paypal though. i live in the middle east and its not a registered area.. so i dont know what to do- will have to use other means for payments
  5. https://www.xoom.com/

    This is an interesting service that I once used to send a payment to a person who did a design for me. He was located in the Phillipines I believe. Went very smoothly.
  6. I am soo over with paypal! Ive had too many problems with them incl fradulant chargabacks.. is there an alternative? Im signing up with xoom as I type.
  7. What sort of fraudulent chargebacks?
  8. The laternative is to only accept money orders/cashiers checks for high dollar items. Most people on ebay who sell high $ items will recommend that! Gives the buyer no protection...but it protects the seller.
  9. oops "alternative"
  10. If the buyer has no protection, what guarantee does she have? Wouldn't that scare many prospective buyers?
  11. ^^ Agreed...good point.....i wouldn't pay for something that is a lot of money with cashiers check/money order.:shame:
  12. It is kind of a trade off...if you have alot of positive feedback then some buyers wouldn't hesitate. Ebay doesn't endorse any other type of payment options either....so even if you were a merchant and had a merchant account you're subject to the same threat of chargebacks.
    I personally accept paypal....I make sure I am fully protected by shipping with delivery confirmation and following paypal's rules. I've never had any complaints filed nor any chargebacks.
    I honestly think it is buyers who are just trying to scam...when I'm hosting an auction I block bidders who have UID strikes against them. I also will only sell to US and Canada. Finally...I try to keep on top of my auctions (mostly the high dollar ones) by cancelling bids from people who have zero feedback or any recent negatives.
  13. You are my kind of seller! Those zero-feedbacks sometimes shill the bidding, and oft the buyer blames the seller for such an activity.