Ebay help please

  1. i had a bidder BIN one of my eBay auctions earlier today and paid with paypal. the address was confirmed and i have the funds. this persons eBay account is now not registered. i looked at what she bought in the past 3 items are LV's, She has a feedback of 4 positive feedbacks. She opened the account on March 12 2007

    what do i do .... do i still ship out the item even though she is not registered anymore. i called eBay and they said not to send the item out.

    im so confused .... has anyone had a bidder pay and then not registered with ebay anymore???? HELP!!!

  2. You called ebay? Only silver and up power sellers get a number. Did you mean you called Paypal? If you didn't call Paypal, I'd call and ask them. Ebay employees are monkeys released from the zoo to work minimum wage. They're as worthless as a half cent.
  3. I think I would hold off on sending it to see what happens in the next few days.
  4. Allison - Yes i called ebay i had there number.
  5. Although she NARU now but she's paid you. Ship her item. eBay will suggest not to ship but buyer will think the seller is scammer if seller gone with her item. A fellow tPFer here ever happened such that thing. She NARU then seller had her $$$ and item. All tPFers said seller is scammer.

    Don't let them accuse you while you've no bad faith, just ship her item with tracking number :smile:
  6. Did you try to contact the buyer?
    I think that would be the first step I would take.
  7. Agreed, I would definitely contact the buyer and see what is up. They may have a completely legit explanation, like their account was hacked or something.
  8. try calling paypal since it's her PP account that is no longer registered.
  9. Wow Allison.. a little harsh.. I don't consider my friend that works for Ebay a monkey nor was she relased from a zoo. In fact she is a lovely single mom supporting her family. ;)

    To the OP- I would not continue the transaction if she is NARU'D
  10. Have you contacted your buyer directly and asked what this is all about? Sometimes there's a really simply explanation
  11. I would contact the buyer and ask her what is going on and why ebay suspended her account. Ebay suspends ALL accounts with the same phone number or address if one of the accounts in the household gets suspended.

    Could be one of her kids accounts that got suspended for something first, and then all associated acccounts got axed. Not fair, but that is how ebay does things.

    Or, maybe her credit card on file needed to be updated and she did not do it, or maybe she did not update her phone number if it was changed and she was cited for invalid contact info, etc., etc., It could be a very simple explanation. Ask first.

    If you ship the item, ship it with delivery confirmation, signature confiirmation, and insured, all for your own protection, and be sure to save all of your shipping documentation. If she paid by paypal do the shipping label right through paypal and only ship to a confirmed paypal address, also for your protection.

  12. If you can't call ebay you can always do "live chat" under "contact us"
  13. when you have nothing but bad experiences when you talk with anyone from ebay, you tend to generalize them all.
  14. Contact the buyer first. If there is no way to do so I would send the item since she paid, get a signature upon delivery.
  15. I would contact the seller and ask for an explanation. But I have to admit that I would still be hesistant to complete the transaction. Maybe you can refund her money and relist. You can get your final value fees credited immediately by filing a NPB report since her account was NARU'd.