Ebay HELP needed RE: paypal claim!!!

  1. Ok, so I sold an item on eBay and it was ended (this was my first thing ended in years).. I dont know eBay has lost their mind as of course I only buy and sell real, authentic things!

    The buyer of the item was in China and she has not recieved it yet, this morning I get an email from paypal saying she filed a not as described claim. She didnt even get the item yet?! She is just threatening me because of the email she got from eBay..

    Should I contact ebay or paypal, should I escalate to a claim?? She says shes going to contact internet fraud etc! Im just a 20-something year old trying to sell some things to help with tuition.. any advice please..

    TIA :heart:
  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry this happened. As a rule I NEVER ship to China because of this. (and other reasons). Contact PayPal immediately and let them know she hasnt even received the item yet!
  3. Thanks Donna, Im on the phone with them now and waiting to hear what they think..
  4. Does anyone know the advantages of which party escalates to a claim? Whether its the seller or a buyer.
  5. OK, solved it, everything was fixed :biggrin:
  6. Don't be panic first, almost scammers ( almost by buyers ) will threaten that they'll report seller to internet fraud complaint, anyway, they got that idea from eBay cust. service formal response to file complaint there. I tell you, those internet fraudulent complaint can't take any act to against you, you can trust me about it, I've filed much complaints and my sellers still ran away with my $$$ :s
  7. Could I know what's beyond the reason of SNAD? I'm so confuse, if item didn't reach her, she shouldn't can claim as SNAD! Referring her claim, it's obv that item has arrived on her hand.
  8. Aw so sorry to hear that LV Godiva, I called paypal and they ended up closing her case because she filed a significantly not as described case when she didnt even get the item yet! So paypal used that and the receipts that I faxed to them as proof! hahha

    And to add, I spoke to the NICEST woman in the world at paypal, she was a doll!!!
  9. Thats what the problem is, the tracking number (i only ship internationally with Express mail because they provide tracking) says that its en route to her, didnt even leave NY yet, I shipped it yesterday.. so its obviously a not as described claim!
  10. Wow :nuts: glad to hear that, Kiss Me Deadly. Anyway, did your buyer have 0 feedback?
  11. :nogood::nogood::nogood: such a paethic buyer... I guess she's to panic, think she's being ripped-off then file claim with PayPal :push:
  12. Good for you shipped it via Global Express. I always indicated in my listing I would not accept international bids. If the international buyers have very good rating, I would tell them Global Express to a confirmed address is the only shipping method I would do. If they don't agree, they cannot bid. Congratulation this problem is solved!
  13. No she wasnt 0 FB! :wtf:
  14. Thanks, the paypal rep says she cant file another claim, even though shes threatening to do it... the thing is, she CAN file a chargeback and then I dont know what the rules are..
  15. If she files a chargeback PayPal will hold the funds from her payment and investigate if the claim is valid. If you followed the seller protection policy, PayPal says that you will have the money given back to you. I am involved in a dispute right now (Buyer says the purchase was unauthorized) and I have done everything according to the protection policy.
    I'm still waiting to see if I really will get my money back...So if you feel she might try that, I woul take a look at the seller protection policy and see if you followed those guidelines.