ebay help needed ASAP!!!!

  1. Ok finally someone offered to buy my chanel on ebay ... he even wants it NOW and asked if i have a buy-it-now price .... i offered him a final price with shipping and emailed him a few minutes ago ....
    now what i wanna know now is ... if he accepts the final price ... how do i go buy closing the ebay auction? ... will i still pay the final value fee? .. what happens now? does it still qualify as an ebay sale or what?

    help appreciated!!!
  2. If no one has bid yet on the auction, you can go in and revise your listing and also arrange to sell to just one person--the buyer you are working with. You would then pay the final value fee. If you just end the auction, you wouldn't have to pay the final value fee, but your buyer may be reluctant to do this and you would be violating ebay's rules as well.
  3. so there is an option where i can choose to sell to one seller? how?
    sorry i am a first time seller and i know NOTHING hahaha
    no one has bid yet but there are some watchers ...
  4. help!!
    i told the guy he can pay $2450 for the bag which includes shipping and insurance! ...
    he replied with this (Hello and thanks for your fast answer. I can give you 2,600 USD for it (Priority shipping by FedEx included)! Let me know if we got a deal and I will deposit the funds into an escrow account today. I will also pay the escrow fees.

    Let me know as soon as you can.


    what are escrew fees????
  5. Escrow means that he doesn't release the funds to you until he checks that the bag is okay. You don't have to participate in that if you choose not to--your listing should indicate one way or another if you're willing to accept escrow. I think the default is to not accept it. I never have, nor have I ever asked for it. But I wouldn't buy from someone without a track record. I'm uneasy that he's offering you more than you're asking for and then also trying to push excrow. Are you sure that you trust him? Look at his feedback and see if this is someone who at least has some sort of ebay track record. You can restrict your buying list if you choose to by clicking on preferences--it should be somewhere towards the end of your listing when you revise your listing.
    If you do decide to accept escrow, make sure you have a way of protecting yourself if there is a bag switch by the buyer. If you are new to ebay, this may be why he is asking for escrow and there may be no malice intended at all.
  6. hmmm ...
    he asked to use a specific escrow site ..
    in the ebay rules it says to only accept www.escrow.com i emailed him asking to use that site and he didnt reply yet .. although he replied pretty fast when i asked him to explain to me how escrow works ...
    i also emailed ebay asking them if the site he is asking to use www.online-traderltd.com is a legit one or not .. i will wait for ebay to reply ...
    it is wierd that he didnt reply when I asked him to use www.escrow.com
  7. ebay states in their help section under escrow accounts that if a buyer insists on paying using a specific escrow account and does not accept www.escrow.com that i should not accept it and acutally report the buyer ....
    he emailed me saying he doesnt accept escrow.com or paypal because his funds are in e-currency and both sites dont accept that.
    i think i will stay away ...
  8. Good decision.. he sounds kind of suspicious with his insistence on using just that one website and then offering you more money than you asked. I wouldn't have trusted him either.
  9. It's definitly a scam, he'd have the bag and you wouldn't get your money.
  10. If I were you, I wouldn't do business with him. I heard of similar scam like this.
  11. Your bag, your sale, your rules. If he emails you back, I'd wait a day or so before answering him!
  12. Good thinking!
    Sounds very dodgy, i'd stay away too.

    He should only use Escrow.com through Ebay and you should most definitely only take payment by Paypal (you have buyer and seller protection) and send the goods to a confirmed address only.

    Escrow.com is the only reputable site that is affiliated with Ebay.

    I've heard of people setting up fake Escrow sites to scam people (either buyers or sellers)
    My advice - don't do it. x
  13. Sounds like a scam. I wouldn't do it. You can end up losing the bag and money.
  14. He sounds like to total ass. How can people be so dishonest and LIVE WITH THEMSELVES!? What a shame.
  15. i didnt do it ....
    it seemed too good to be true!! 2600??? i TOLD him i want 2450 that is including insurance and shipping and the whole thing! why woudl he offer more? and this site seemed fishy ... i checked it out ... i told him it isnt gona happen ..... thanks everyone :smile: