Ebay help - it won't believe me!!!!!

  1. So, when I originally signed up and sold a few things on Ebay i was using ebay.co.uk so everything was in pounds. Now I am in the USA, I closed my UK paypal, opened a Us one and only sign onto ebay.com. Im now selling stuff on ebay and it says my currency is GB pounds even though everything is listed as $ and my addresses are in the States..
    So, the people are going to pay me then paypal is going to convert it to pounds then Ill have to put it back into $$...,HELP!!!
    Does anyone know how I can change my currency /country??? Ive looked all over my profile etc and can't work it out... Or is there a customer service number I can call?
    Sorry, if this is long and rambling...... its hard to explain. thanks.
  2. I would just contact Ebay customer support. You can either email them or they are available for live chat at certain times.
  3. yes call them and they can straighten it out for you.
  4. thanks - i just did the live chat, I didnt even know it existed. It was kind of slow and frustrating but I got my problem solved....

  5. Good deal ;)