Ebay help: Electronic checks?

  1. Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to ebay so I usually stick to paypal.
    I received a question by someone saying that they would buy my product (not through ebay, they emailed me? I'm not sure how they got my email - and its a sk2 btw). Anyhow, the payment they offered was an electronic check and they were willing to pay more than what I was asking..

    So I feel hesitant.. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  2. Ummmm I think this person is a scammer.. since I found website later on with first one name, then another. Sooooo nvm!! ;)
  3. Oh yeah...defiinitely a scammer! Lots of red flags there!
  4. I once accepted an e-check, sent the item, and then the buyer cancelled the check. I emailed her, she sent another e-check, and then the bank declined it. There went my dress!!!
  5. ^ Oh that's horrible!
    Its so insane how some of this stuff happens! I really don't like ebay that much :huh:

    It seems like such a scary far-away place with creepy shadowy corners
  6. You can send an echeck over paypal, so sellers beware! Check mode of payment and do not send item until check has completely cleared.
  7. Do NOT sell anything off of ebay! This is similar to a scam that used to happen on craigslist!
    Tell them you will relist the item and they can buy it then and you will only accept paypal or money order/cashiers check. In terms of paypal...yes there are electronic checks. It will show as pending in your paypal account until it clears the bank (just like a normal check)...once it shows as cleared THEN mail out the item! Never send the item out before the payment clears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks guys!! :biggrin:

    This helps tons!!