Ebay help! Did I mess up?

  1. Hi All,

    I need some advice. I've bought a bunch of things and have now sold a handful of things on eBay and of the few things I've sold I've had some trouble with non-paying bidders.

    Basically I had a skirt up for auction which ended on 4/22. I state in my auction that payment is due in 3 days. On 4/27 after many invoices with friendly notes I finally opened a dispute. After a couple of days (the 29th I think) I offered the item to the next highest bidder. Well, today is the 30th and all of a sudden I check and the second chance bidder has paid me and the first bidder has written me saying that she's had trouble with a lost debit card blah blah blah and that she'll pay me.

    Am I allowed to just tell the first bidder that she missed her chance? What am I required to do? Did I mess up?
  2. How did you open an unpaid item dispute after only 5 days? eBay says you have to wait at least 7...

    Either way, I'd tell the first buyer they are out of luck and file for a mutual agreement to not complete the sale.

  3. You have to wait 7 days to receive payment, according to eBay rules. Even if your TOA states differently.


    So, yes, I think this was a mistake on your part. She didnt miss her chance and was well withing eBayl rules.

    You can just nicely explain it to the 2nd buyer and hopefully she understands. And refund her, her money.

    I personally would sell it to the FIRST buyer in this case. Since she was never at fault for anything.

    Good luck and keep us updated!!
  4. I hate when there is no communication. The first buyer should have emailed you right away about the problem. Otherwise, how do you know it wasnt fraud??

    If ebay let you open the dispute, then I would just move on to the second buyer and tell the first buyer she should have communicated with you. You did send her all those messages...

  5. I just re-read what you wrote above. According to the dates you typed, She actually went over the 7 days if she just contacted you today!!! So you are well within your rights to sell to the next bidder!

    Sorry, I read it over too fast originally!!

  6. I would tell the first bidder that she missed out since she did not respond to you at all. Ok fine, let's give her the benefit of the doubt that she really did lose her debit card...what is her reason for not contacting you or reponding to your emails?
  7. Yes, tell the first bidder it's too late. She should have explained her situation early. No excuse for no communication.
  8. Thank you all! That makes sense. I just went through a whole non-paying bidder thing with a MJ bag and was so shocked that this person finally wrote me 8 days after the auction ended!

    I will definitely sell to the second chance person. I was just so scared that I was supposed to wait the full 8 days after filing the non-paying bidder dispute which I had to wait 7 days to file!
  9. I think you're just fine! You waited the 7 days - and the person didn't contact until the 8th. You did good!
  10. Wait, the 1st buyer didn't contact her anyway until the 8th day & still seems unable to pay.
    You can sell to the 2nd bidder.
  11. Ok, so I wrote the first bidder and told her sorry and could we mutually agree to not complete the transaction? That was 24 hours ago and as I didn't get a confirmation I sent her another email. I wanted to close the dispute but the ebay directions said not to unless the buyer definitely agrees to that. How long does this go on for? I wouldn't mind my final value fee back but it's only 50 cents! I just don't want to have any kind of negative strike against my ebay name.

    I hadn't bothered to goofbay her until yesterday but she seems to have 2 non-paying bidder comments! Who bids on a $10 skirt and then doesn't pay? It's all so silly. I love and hate ebay. I sold some clothes and one bag and will hopefully sell one more bag and then I'm done.

    Seriously, I treasure this forum! Thanks so much for the support and sage advice!:biggrin:
  12. I think the dispute is a moot point now, because the first bidder did not pay you within the first seven days. I would just close it and file for a non-paying bidder thru ebay? Not sure if you need to do this since you already did the second chance offer to the other buyer.
  13. Urg, so after two messages to this buyer telling them that they missed their chance all of a sudden they pay me! This person has over 700 feedback, you'd think they'd be able to read English. Anyway, I refunded them and explained why in the message as well as in the "dispute" conversation. How annoying!