eBay help: Buyer wants item before I have payment

  1. I sold one of my clutches on eBay and the buyer sent me an email saying that they want me to ship ASAP because they needed the clutch for a weeding on Saturday but I can only cash in the check on Aug 5 because they're broke.

    I told them this was not going to fly and offered hand delivering to save on the postage (it's not far).

    What else can I do?

    ETA: I've already determined that I'm not going to send, since that would be helping them rip me off, but how do I avoid paying eBay fees if they don't pay? And avoiding neg feedback :sad:
  2. Don't do it! Don't even consider it.
  3. I think you're being more than generous by offering to hand deliver it. If she really needed the bag that badly, she would come up with the money NOW. Stick to your guns - don't send it to her until you have her money in hand!
  4. I agree, Nope don't do it! If you have to relist is save yourself a headache and do that.
  5. Don't give her the bag with out the money!! I know the first inclination is to trust people and be nice, but don't do it!! I can just see that turning into a HUGE mess!
  6. if she can't pay for it, she shouldn't have bought it! tell her to use a credit card through paypal if she's so broke - that's instant. don't, under ANY circumstances, mail the bag to her without payment!
  7. Agreed!
  8. Urgh, that makes me so annoyed.
  9. I agree with the other posters. She shouldn't have bidded if she couldn't pay for the item. How rude!
  10. Do not do it! :smile: Sounds like a scammer.
  11. Sounds dodge...
    Wait until you get the cash before sending the bag
  12. I would be too! I echo everyone ele's sentiment of "DO NOT SEND THE BAG!" You've gone above the call of duty by offering to help with postage, but don't do anything else. I'm not a huge seller of things on ebay, but I've come across things like this a few times. It's a shame.

    Buyers have such protection on ebay (and wisely so), but it really does tend to hurt honest sellers like yourself. Make sure once you do send the bag (after you receive payment of course), that you keep the tracking numbers so she can't claim you never sent the bag. She sounds like she could be a real scammer.

    And if she is an honest buyer, then she should have planned ahead for this wedding!

    Good luck!
  13. That buyer must be kidding! Who does something like that? I think it says all over eBay if you can't pay-don't bid-it's against eBay rules first of all and secondly-WTH does that? I would never send a seller something like that! Would a store let her walk out with merchandise without paying? No way!

    Tell her it ain't gonna happen-she can find a way to pay right now or she will get the clutch when (and if) her check clears.
  14. this has scam written all over it! i know you want this to be painless, but sometimes even when you are completely reasonable and fair, someone wants to start trouble. stand your ground, you have protection as well.
  15. LOL! I saw the title of this thread and came in here to say tell the buyer to kiss your :censor: !! ;)