ebay help -- buyer cannot pay, now what?

  1. I was selling an item on ebay and in my auction terms, I said that payment must be received within three days.

    The buyer said she would pay a couple days ago but she still hadn't. Today, I filed a NPB complaint and her husband just e-mailed me back and told me his wife had been in a car accident and that she won't be able to go through with the transaction.

    Has this happened to anyone before? What do you do in these types of situations?
  2. That has happened to me, things like, my husband won't let me buy it, I am really sick and can't pay, etc. I just file NPB w/ E-bay to get $ back and let it go...because if she really was in a car accident and you pushed it that would be sorta bad karma, but that's only opinion and worth 0
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  3. Thank you for your reply!

    I'm one of those really skeptical people, especially when it comes to ebay, but she hasn't bought anything recently (via her feedback) so I actually do believe her husband. The thing is that the item was for her daughter (who I assume is quite young) so I don't think she would just skip out on paying. I really do believe her but I'd feel horrible giving her a strike on her account. I mean, I wouldn't want her coming back after an accident to that.

    I'm trying to decide... do I eat the $1 or so fee or do something about it?
  4. I don't mean to be harsh but the "car accident" excuse is the #1 excuse on ebay. I say file the complaint and stick to it because you never know, besides you need to get refunded the fee's it cost you to have the listing up and at that you have to relist it.
  5. I agree w/ the gals unfortuntely. I've heard them ALL! DO what YOU need to do to make YOUR fees right and file a NPB alert. SHe has to get at least 3 plus negs so it really won't affect her unless she's doing it to others.
  6. yeah, it may be the truth...but chances are that it's not. File the NPB and leave it at that. It is a business afterall.
  7. File to get your fees back but don't leave a negative. She just might be telling the truth!
  8. Obviously her husband is capable..If she was truly in an accident, don't you think Hubby could hit that "Pay now with Paypal" button & take care of business?

    I also think you should file a non payment alert to get your money back. If you truly feel bad about doing that, then reply to his email & let him know you have to do it to get your fees back & you hope he understands. Good luck! ;)
  9. That's exactly what I would do...file...get your fees back, but DON'T leave a negative feedback...

    I would also make sure that I emailed "the husband" or her, just in case she is lying, and let them know that you filed in order to get your money back...etc. & nothing nasty. That way, you don't jump the gun and leave negative comments & get one back:sick:...that just hurts you in the end. As far as the karma...leave it up to her...if he's lying...well, enough said, if she or he isn't...I really hope she's alright...you just never know!

    Hope this helps...I just feel that the Negative Feedback is the WORST!:yucky: Especially if you don't deserve it! Good luck!
  10. ^^^ Agreed, i was going to make the exact same point!:yes:
    If hubby was well and able to get on the computer and message people, then surely he can figure Paypal out.:rolleyes:

    I'd say stick with filing your NPB (even if you wait a little longer)...if it then turns out she really was in an accident then you can hold fire on the neg feedback until you're totally sure.
    I've had situations like that before and i've just not left feedback at all, sometimes that's easier.
    Good luck!:smile:
  11. You can do a Mutual Agreement NFB, where you do get your fees back and the Bidder does not rcv a Non-Payer Strike. Just a Mutual Agreement to settle. Hope that helps.
  12. Thank you and that's exactly what I ended up doing!

    I'm also not leaving negative feedback unless they deny my request for the mutual agreement. THEN I'll know they're lying.
  13. Huh. So apparently whomever (the wife or the husband) left feedback for a seller TODAY. That really makes me mad. I wasn't all that suspicious at first but if your wife was in a horrible accident, why would you be on ebay?
  14. File the NPB because if the story is true...that is the least of her worries.