eBay headache

Nov 11, 2006

A buyer wants to return a Marc jacobs handbag I sold him 51 days ago claiming that it's fake. He claims he took it here, there, and everywhere and that they said it was not authentic. I gave him the number and address of my Saks store and told them to call because that's where my SA is (at least two know my name by heart since I am in their rewards book). I even sent the bag to him with the Saks tags still attached so there would be no question that it came from Saks. The buyer also said s/he had never used the bag and would be returning it in new condition.

My husband told me that under no uncertain terms not to accept the return since it has been 51 days, and who doesn't use a new bag they own for 51 days? No store would take it back after 51 days. Also the buyer is claiming the patent leather on the bag is fake (which of course it is not), so the buyer may very well return a fake bag and keep my real one. Since I am a wuss and terrible about wanting to placate people (even dishonest ones, apparently) I let my husband write the reply which was a very straight and to the point No. Now I have another email in my inbox and I don't feel like getting heartburn by opening it. I think I'll wait for my husband to get home so he can open it.

Why can't things just be simple??:Push:


Dec 28, 2006
Open it! I wanna know what he says lol. Did you have the receipt for the bag? or do you have the receipt? Paypal cannot get involved now, did he leave positive feedback in the beginning?
And that is TOTALLY ridiculous. 51days???
Maybe ask him why it took so long to get it authenticated if he had any doubts. See his response. lol


Dec 11, 2006
ok, I know what you mean about opening the email - haha, I am the same sometimes. OT but it drives my husband nuts.

but about this: after 51 days, it is very strange to just come and state that they don't want the bag because it is 'fake'. to be honest though, chargebacks seem to be a common thing and what I understood from members here discussing their chargebacks, sometimes CC companies do not even ask about letters of authenticity. also, the reason why a lot of brand stores don't provide these letters that anymore is bec the buyer might show them a fake bag and keep money and bag.

if they do a chargeback, it seems that they do not even have to return the bag, given that it is supposedly fake? I would discuss the possibility of a chargeback with your husband, as you might well end up without money and bag? this is one of the reasons why I don't understand how on the one hand people complain about chargebacks but on the other are so quick to recommend them. it goes both ways....

I really hope you can sort this out - if you do agree to a refund for some reason, I would of course only issue it once the bag was returned in good condition. at least that way you do get your bag! sorry for your trouble, it really is awful sometimes.


Feb 6, 2007
I wouldn't refund this buyer anything. It has been 51 days and you know it was authentic. It is too old for Paypal to get involved and no new feedback can be posted.

It sounds like this is buyer's remorse to me too.I would make sure you have the receipt, delivery confirmation, etc. "in case". All I could see happening is a chargeback (I think the limitation is 6 months). If you have proof it's real I don't see how the buyer can win a fake allegations investigation through a credit card company.

Even if the credit card company opens a chargeback investigation, the merchant of record still has a set amount of days (I think 30) to respond to the dispute. Your receipt, pics of the bag with the Saks tag, delivery confirmation, etc. should be enough to close the investigation in your favor.

I used to handle chargebacks for companies back when I was in college. While SNAD/quality complaints can be difficult to win for the seller, with the proof you have I thinkt it should be pretty easy to win in the case of the chargeback.


*Got Coach?*
Jan 19, 2007
LOL! I totally understand how you feel about opening an email.

I have been in similar situations regarding an email I received (non-ebay related) and I literally had knots in my stomach before opening it.....fearing what might be said!!

And once I had my husband open one, so he could let me know if it was something id want to read or not! LOL


Mar 23, 2007
Aggravation aside, ZoeyZoo is right in that the very neurotic buyer only has a limited timeframe within which he can dispute the charges through his credit card. He has 60 days from the date of the billing statement to dispute, in writing, the charge under the FCBA. Calling them and whining will not protect his rights.

I had to learn a very hard lesson about why not to buy on iOffer (FAKES EVERYWHERE!) a few years ago and after the money was refunded to me, it was actually taken back because my CC decided that I could not provide sufficient evidence that I had been defrauded...imagine that, even though the lady that had defrauded me (she was an expert) was being sued by another victim in Los Angeles District Court for a fraudulent purchase (my claim was too small and pointless to take to court). Anyways, from this I know that he must first try to resolve any and all issues with you first and then actually return the item to you if you do not offer reimbursement. He must also provide proof of such to win.

I would not issue him a refund. I don’t even know if your auction terms stated anything about returns, but I doubt any other seller would accept them after 51 days. 51 days is excessive to determine whether something is fake, but it’s plenty of time to use something and decide that you don’t like it!

Time is ticking for him. Let’s say that he does manage to file a chargeback in time and gets the bag back to you. You have pretty solid evidence that it’s real, so I doubt that the CC would swing in his favor. Yeah, it’s a headache, but it’s one that you will get through if you just take a deep, deep breath, work slowly to resolve this issue…and let your husband open all of your mail :P.
Nov 11, 2006
Thank you all.

I kept the original Saks receipt and still have it.

He says he will go through his credit card company becasue he tried to put in a claim through paypal who, of course, rejected it because it was beyond 45 days. Unlike the first message he was actually very polite in his second email, so I was polite back, but told him the 51 days was too long and that if he did go through his credit card company I would fight it. I suppose I can try it and let you know how it goes!!! I suggested to him that, if he hasn't used the bag like he says, that he attempt to resell it on eBay since he can still sell it as new.

He never left me feedback to begin with (which I thought was weird at the time), but if he leaves me negative feeback, oh, well. I've sold a good number of my authentic Chanel and Fendi bags, some to TPF members, so I think a discerning buyer will be able to look through my history and see that I do indeed have authentic bags.

But boy what a hassle. I have a headache. And my coffee fell out of my cup holder when I took a turn this morning and spilled all over my foot so I have a first degree burn and a bandage on it and it hurts!:hysteric: