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  1. Curious, have you ever contacted a buyer who outbid you in an auction and asked to purchase the item directly from them? If so, how did it turn out? How much more did you have to offer to them to get them to sell to you?

  2. I haven't done this...ever, and didn't know it was even possible. Aren't winning bidder identities protected on ebay?
    Not something I would consider doing.
  3. Not anything I would consider under any circumstances whether I knew the
    bidders identity or not...
  4. In fact, that one of the reasons ebay changed the ability for outsiders to see bidder identities. They don't want it done.
  5. No. I have contacted the seller to tell them I'm still interested if the first buyer changes her mind.
  6. I've done this, too. I've also contacted the seller and asked if they have another of the same item and if they are planning to list it on eBay. Unfortunately, neither has ever worked out of me. :crybaby:
  7. Ha, most of the "buyers" who outbid me are obvious shills and the item gets relisted with a much higher opening bid. I've just about given up on there being honest auctions, I mostly BIN. Can't sellers still offer it to a lower bidder if the first backs out?
  8. Yes, sellers can still do SCO.
  9. That's my problem - I'm so used to doing BIN, that I literally forgot how to bid correctly. For some reason I just didn't keep "automatic bidding" in mind, and lost an auction last week that has me kicking myself. Sometimes I wish everyone on eBay would offer BIN, or Best Offer options - the whole bidding thing is such a pain. :nogood:

  10. I know. I had an item I really, really wanted that had a low opening bid. I should've been smart and waited until the end of the auction, but instead I bid at the beginning. After 7 days of waiting around for it to end, some newly registered 0 feedback shill outbid me by like $1000. The next day the item was relisted... for $1000 higher opening bid.
  11. While there's certainly shill bidding going on in a lot of auction listings, not all multiple bids by 0-feedback newbies indicate shilling.
  12. I know, but on this particular occasion it was. The newly registered bidder only bid on this one item, has never bid again on anything, the item was relisted within 24 hours, and the bidder bid high enough to ensure an artificial reserve on the auction. Lots of other stuff, but that's the basic info... ;). Not meaning to get off topic here.
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