Ebay - have they had a clean up???

  1. It looks like it...:idea:

    I tapped in 'Mulberry Roxanne' and, sure enough, rather than the 500 odd auctions that were there just a few weeks ago, there are now only 22. (Of course, some still slip through the net)
    A good sign surely?

    Does this mean we can sit back, breathe a sigh of relief and begin to trust Ebay once more, rather than tip-toeing in and weeding through all those dreadful fakes?
    Well done Ebay, it's about time!

    Right...now back to bag hunting.....:graucho: :flowers:
  2. I hope so! There truly are some legit sellers on Ebay, but unfortunately all of the fakers make it harder for the legit sellers to be taken seriously.

    Happy hunting!
  3. I've actually noticed ALOT of LV items being removed by Ebay lately due to misrepresentation (ie. saying it's authentic when it's really a fake).

    Hopefully they keep on it.... :yes:
  4. No kiddin eh Kimm992? That's great! I'm not a LV fan as much as other brands, but that's really encouraging to hear.
  5. Totally agreed - that was what made it so hard to trust spending large amounts on Ebay for quite a while...but it seems to be on-the-up now!:smile:
  6. Yeh for sure!
    I've not noticed the LV auctions, but i have noticed it with others. Even if it's a bag that's 'in the style of' a seller is not allowed to make reference to that actual brand name it bears a resemblance to, yet so many sellers still did - so it's good to see they're cracking down on it...finally.:yes:
  7. There have been a lot of fakes removed recently. Ebay has become a lot more stringent so for that I'm glad...it took a while but it's working!
  8. Is it mainly on LV bags or across all brands? I hope they start focussing on Gucci and Fendi spy bags soon - there are SO many fakes on Ebay!!!
  9. this is great, but I'm still seeing fake Louis Vuitton starting at 0.99 and what not, as well as tons of fake Juicy Couture. I hope this means I can start trusting eBay more because I'm not very good with LV authenticity at ALL!
  10. I heard they only clean up if the company itself personally complains.
  11. I look at the Mulberrys on eBay every day, and while I am far from an expert, I still have doubts about most of them. Maybe because there are so many of them with very low opening bids? :huh:

    Frankly, have been afraid to buy Mulberrys on eBay due to my concern over fakes. Wish it weren't so, because paying full (or discounted) department store price is killing me! :blink:

    Sure would appreciate any insight from a veteran PFer! :shame:
  12. Really? That would make sense if LV complained since there are SO many fake LV's out there that is killing their brand integrity. I hope Gucci starts to do that soon too. The fake Gucci sellers are brutal!!!!