eBay have removed Goofbay's API! Please sign the petition!!!

  1. I visited Goofbay to check out a seller, for another PF member and this is what I found:

    As some of you are aware we have been in constant communication with eBay regarding our tools and service to you the general ebay public. eBay have objected to a number of our tools and we have reasoned and tweaked the tools to try to fit in with eBay policies. Unfortunately our API (our programming interface to eBAy) access has been removed and as a direct result, none of our tools now work. We are not sure why eBay has revoked our access without dialogue, it may be because they object more strongly to the tools than they have told us thus far.

    We are keen to re-instate our access and re-enable the tools we have, we are therefore asking our community to show their support by adding their email address to our petition that if the need arises and we do not get back our API access we will show them the community solidarity.

    Sign our petition by entering your email address in the box below. (1019 Signatures so far)

    Frankly, it looks as though eBay's profits may be being affected by potential buyers having the ability to quickly and easily find out just how bad/unreliable many eBay sellers are.

    What other reason would eBay have for doing this?! :huh:

    Please show your support for easy and fair analysis of eBay sellers, by visiting this page and signing the petition (it will only take you a second!):


    Thank you! :biggrin:
  2. yeah, i know. i also wanted to check a private feedback today but it didn't work. too bad!

    anyway, with this function i could ONLY see the positive feedback points the seller received not the negative. so the whole 'private feedback checker' was never very helpful for me...

    anybody else had this experience?
  3. Bad, bad, ebay! :censor: At least there's still toolhaus.org!
  4. What's Goofbay? I've never heard of it.

    When I want to check negative feedbacks I go to http://www.toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs ... It's not fancy but it pulls up neutral and negative feedbacks.
  5. Signed! :biggrin:
  6. Yeah, toolhaus.org still works-I always use it before considering to bid.
  7. Goofbay is great - not only does it show feedback (negative and positive) for private sellers, it also has a ton of useful tools. Some of my favorites are the misspelled auction listing checker, and the shill bidding checker.

  8. Very true!!! :biggrin:

    Thanks to everyone for signing the petition. :flowers:
  9. Aww I love goofbay! I signed the petition because I want my shill bidding checker back!
  10. Sign
    It's about time we get a reliable system to help us check out the seller closely. I can't wait until they successfully implemented this system.

  11. The Goofbay tools were doing this before, but eBay pulled the plug on them, without any warning! :shocked:

    This is despite Goofbay constantly moderating their tools, at the behest of eBay.

    How eBay think that this will improve buyers', already flagging, confidence in them; I can't imagine! :blink:

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  13. I've loved the goofbay tools *boo-hoo* I'll definitely sign!
  14. For your information: You can sign with different e-mails and behalf of family members or close friends (easier and faster than sending them a link and telling them to do it themselves). I signed with like 10 different e-mails (several are mine, a couple my mom's and a couple my sister's). Every little bit helps!!!
  15. signed!!