Ebay has restricted me ...help !

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  1. Hey guys ,
    Never knew that purse forum had this sub section on ebay but viola !
    So I need input from experienced Ebayers - I have been restricted and need to get back selling power asap - I've done the live chat - phoned and emaield but nothing is happening about getting me back on side . It all came about from a dispute but I've since resolved that and I think it jhas now something to do with my paypal account - are the two companys linked - do they share info ? I'm not sure who in Ebay to call - any advice ?
  2. Ebay owns Paypal AFAIK.
  3. Why are they saying that you're restricted? Is it just a restriction from selling in a particular category or is it from selling anything at all?
  4. Is your paypal account in the negative?
  5. Not sure what you're asking for kuz you say you don't know who to contact at eBay but also say you already spoke to eBay via chat, email and phone, but "nothing is happening." So...what happened? Why were you restricted? What was eBay's response via chat, phone, email about the restriction and when it could be lifted? Did you speak to anyone at PayPal?