Ebay has removed my list again today

  1. :crybaby: They removed my authentic listing again today. First they removed my LV listing so I changed to sell CHANELs and also get removed and then Dior bag and now Moschino. All were removed!! What da hell happen to eBay? :confused1:

    Are there any chance for me to be a seller on eBay??? In reality I never use and sell FAKEs....huh!!!:shame:
  2. I am sure that it is very frustrating, especially if you have no recourse. As a buyer, it is also a pain. With the crazy prices and price increases happening, resellers is often the only realistic way to go.
  3. Hi I am xxxxxxxxxxx on eBay. Apparently Chanel remove most of the listings as they don't want their bags on there. Unfortunately it is getting that no designers want their bags on there so I think all of us sellers are in for a rough ride. This is ebays fault for allowing so many fakes on ebay for so long, now they have been sued by the major designers & are trying to clean up the site, not before time. You should still be able to list most designers but i would steer clear of Chanel they are very strict.

    you cannot post your eBay ID or auctions here!
  4. At least you still got lot of items for sale but I have lot lot lot lot of CHANEL accessories waiting to sell on ebay but no chance now. Waste money and time!
  5. I went to the ebay convention last year and met the lady who sells LV bags (Fashionpile). She said there are many fakes out there so she has to take lots and lots of clear photos for people to ensure she is not selling fakes. They only take down listings if they think you are in violation of their Safe Habour code.
  6. This is quite troubling. How are we supposed to clear-off bags we don't use anymore?! Blegh..
  7. I am someone that simply sometimes sells mt own bags on ebay when I am fed up with them and they are all authentic, I however had a celine boogie and paddy removed beacuse they thought they were fake, it makes me so angry because they are allowing blatant paddy fakes and taking off the real ones, I have lost all faith in ebay.
  8. You should contact ebay ask why. I know at the minute they are suspicious of everyone & all accounts are being reviewed. My own account was restricted to only listing 6 items & not posting to the Far East while they were reviewing. Luckily my account manager saw that this was done very quickly & my account was restored to normal within one day. They are doing this in response to all the lawsuits from designers. It is sad that honest sellers are suffering & I have told ebay that. The fakes were very blatant, I often reported fakes & they told me they couldn't just take my word for it, I mean a Chloe paddington at 45 it was a bit obvious ;) However now they have paid the price for their greed for fees. Please contact them & tell them you can send proof of authenticity & say that you want your account reviewed so that you can sell. Hope that works for you. For anyone that has a good record of selling LV bags get verified with MyPoupette that always helps as ebay know they check you out so well (contact all your buyers to make sure bags authentic & check out all your photographs) before accepting you. Hope that helps.
  9. I can't understand how Chanel or any of the other bag manufacturers can stop a secondardy market like e-bay from selling their bags. What is their fear? It would be like saying that if you bought a new car, and then wanted to sell it used, you couldn't. I must be missing the point.
  10. I know it is ridiculous, one would think that when you pay for an item it is yours to do with what you please!
  11. I didn't want to start a new thread. I will just add to this one. Ebay cancelled 15 auctions I had up today. I have over 1000 feedback with it being 100% positive. I have never had any problem until today. I can't believe this. 5 of them were relistings. Ebay is saying it was trademark violations. I just wish there was another place besides ebay to sell things. I am so upset.
  12. This is getting really serious, I heard from a seller in Italy that this has happened to her also. I think we will all have to band together to find another place to sell. I wonder could we all sue ebay for loss of earnings:idea:
  13. Spendingmore, What country are you in?
  14. wow 15 auctions... that's kind of ridiculous. this is probably vero, right?

    i think everyone on tPF should donate $2 and start up a new auction site specifically for designer goods and accessories.
  15. eBay has cxled a few of my auctions as well. It is very upsetting! I tried selling on iOffer... but that place is riddled with fakes. :s