ebay hackers--please read!!!!!

  1. I think I just ran into someone attempting to obtain my eBay PW & sign in info.

    I received this weird and confusing message from someone asking me if my item was the same as this other persons.

    They gave me a link to someones profile. I didn't see any current items listed by that person so then I clicked on the ABOUT ME link of that profile & it sent me to the SIGN IN screen.

    The page looked a little different and I was thinking.." I'm already signed in, why would I have to sign in again?!?"

    I X'ed it out immediately and contacted eBay just to give them a heads up just in case..not sure if they even care!!!

    Be cautious on entering your eBay ID & PW!!!

  2. Yeah, this scam has been going around eBay for about a month now. The scammers GOT a lot of eBayers this way. That's why we have so many BIN auctions ending now with accounts that have been hijacked.:wtf:
  3. OMG, that makes me sick. I am hoping I didn't stumble into that today, because I was entering my password A LOT for regular stuff like checking my auctions. Crap. I would die if another eBay nightmare landed on my head this week. To make matters worse, I thought I sold YET ANOTHER Prada, only to get the infamous "TKO NOTICE: listing removed" email. Ugh.
  4. Oh I just bought something on ebay and paid by paypal. Would someone be able to hack into it just by be logging in and paying? Gosh, I hope not!
  5. Yes that's an old scam, you sign in to their site, they have your password!
    If you ever do this by mistake, change all passwords immediately!
    Some people get their kicks from sheer evil!
  6. OMG! What's the benefit for them if they've ppl eB & pw?? Hope they'll find nice job so there's no time for them to do that.
  7. Wow that happened to me once I got an email saying that my watched item was ending soon and it was an item I didn't have on my watch list and I stupidly entered my id and passcode then I posted what I had just done cause it didn't feel right here and someone advised me to change my password ASAP so I did I don't think I was hacked I would have known by now right?
  8. Yes you would! You would be receiving scathing emails from ebayers. The scammers are hijacking accounts, ending your legitimate auctions, and sending bogus 2nd chance offers to your bidders.
  9. thx as always for the heads up!
  10. Someone contacted all the people who bid on a bag I sold several months ago offering second chance offers under my ebay name. I found out because someone was about to send money and they contacted me first to make sure it was me. So I warned everyone who had bidded. But I figured this was because they found the user IDs in the bid history. Does this mean that my account was hacked? Shoud I be panicking right now? HELP!!