ebay greed Q:

  1. I'm selling my first bbag on eBay because at this moment i cannot afford to keep it,and i'm selling it for what i paid with a BIN....greed Q: should i remove the BIN and hope there is a bidding war to get more $$?? I already have a ton of watchers though...do you think that would turn them off of the auction altogether??
  2. It depends a lot on what bag it is and the condition! If you set the starting bid considerably lower than what your BIN is, it may attract more bidders ... but then you are risking not getting what you want for it.
  3. hmmmm, that's true i guess. I think it's in pretty decent condition for the year that it is. Maybe i should just leave it as is... bleh. eBay.
  4. You could decide on the lowest amt. you would be willing to accept, and then set that as the starting bid ... I did this recently, but there was no bidding war at the end. The starting bid was the final price. And that was fine with me, because it was a price I was willing to accept...but it was a little disappointing.
  5. Totally agree with fiat. It could be worth a shot, though! Wait a day and see what happens...
  6. Sometimes watchers do not necessarily equal interested buyers. I often watch items just to see how the eBay market is reacting to a particular item.
  7. Agree...I watch a ton of items...if you sell it for the BIN price and you end up being about even I say leave the BIN.
  8. Why don't you start at a lower amount and enter a reserve price? That way you make at least what the bag cost but possibly more? Good Luck
  9. or you could have a BIN with best offer. if you rely on the number of watchers, you'll not get what you want. i always watch a number of things i have no interest in buying, jsut to see what happens.

    i've sold a number of items and usually set the starting bid at least close to the number i'm willing to let the bag sell for. and i've noticed that if your shipping costs aren't outrageous, like around 15-25, that will have people feel better about bidding more. no one likes a shipping price that's going to skyrocket the overall price - it makes it look like you're trying to get more $$ on the side. even shipping to europe doesn't cost $40-50!

    good luck on your auction! :yes:
  10. I always start the opening bid at the amount I am MOST willing to sell the item for. Therefore, if I want to recoup what I've paid, then that is the amount that I start with.

    I don't bother with RESERVES anymore ... why? Because they are a pain-in-the-:cursing: , and you will get inundated with questions asking you "How much is the Reserve ...", bla bla bla. Personally, I feel that starting an auction low and having a high Reserve only leads people to believe that you are willing to part with the bag for the low amount (trust me - I've been eBaying for many years; I'm always astounded by how many folks have absolutely NO CLUE as to how auctions work - both live & online!!!). Then if, heaven forbid, the Reserve isn't met, you will get inundated again with inquiries "oh well ... can I buy it for what I bid?" which, if really low, is absolutely ridiculous! I've had some people get REALLY nasty because they honestly thought that they would get a high-end item for $500 ... please?!!?

    I don't bother with "offers" either because, again, because you will get inundated with really low-ball offers (especially from dealers, who will just turn that sucker around for significantly more!).

    Sorry to sound so negative, but I've found that it's best to just put up the item for what you want and take your chances. If it doesn't sell, then you go down slowly ... why should you lose your shirt ... unless, of course, you need to sell it quickly because you really need the $$$.
  11. I agree with CeeJay! I have a couple of items up on eBay right now with a BIN/Best Offer and, my goodness, some of the offers are so low. I mean, really bad, like!
  12. If you start your ask value low, you can generate a lot of bidders. If you start the # high, (even though there could be lots of watchers), they will tend to bid only towards the very end of the auction.

    I agree with flax- start with a number you can accept. I typically don't like BIN because the fees are horrendous!
  13. I never even knew that the fees were higher for BIN. I guess I should be scrutinizing that kind of thing more carefully!!! :wtf:

  14. DITTO! That is exactly what I do:yes:
  15. ITA with CeeJay. Best offers suck, because you'll get overloaded with ridiculously low bids that are almost insulting. As for reserve price auctions I avoid all the emails by posting the reserve price in my description.

    The best method that works best for a seller, from my experience, is to list the bag for the lowest price you are willing to part with. If you are willing to remove the BIN, then make sure the starting bid is at a price you are comfortable with.