eBay: GORGEOUS Black Epi Luco Tote

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How do you like this bag?

  1. Love it!

  2. Like it

  3. Like it but wouldn't buy it

  4. indifferent

  5. icky

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  1. Speical Orer Epi Luco Tote.jpg epi.jpg
  2. I adore totes, and anything epi is okay with me!
  3. Yellow Epi Sac Triangle.jpg Yellow Epi  Sac Triangle 2.jpg
  4. I love that Epi Luco tote, I wish they would come out with something a bit smaller (but with the same shape) for short people like me (5')!
  5. I Love Black Epi...It's A Gorgeous Bag!
  6. Sofibella from this forum owns the Luco...it's hot stuff...
  7. Regarding the popincort like bag- I checked out the eBay website- do you think the rest of the items are legitimate? It looks like they're selling a lot of bags...
  8. Khoi, I sold mine to this seller. It is a gorgeous bag and it originally retailed for $2700.
  9. this bag is Hot!
  10. I'm the one person who voted "icky" lol you might as well go to wal-mart and find a bag that looks really similar. I just find it had no character...just a big black boring bag. hahaha I'm sorry, I hope I don;t offend anyone. :smile:
  11. I like it but wouldn't buy it. I have other Epi items in mind aside from this one.
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