Ebay ''Goody'' bag

  1. A while ago i bid on a mystery shopping bag on eBay mainly because it was a charity auction, anyways i didn't expect to win it but i did, it came today full of a load of rubbish and a fake paddy:tdown:

    not impressed to say the least.
  2. I always wondered what the contents of those mystery auctions were.
  3. Ick, not good. I'd never bid on anything I couldn't see.
  4. Blech, sounds like a buncha junk. Burn, burn, lol.

    The best are the woot.com bag of crap (these mystery bags sell out within a minute whenever they are up). They usually have crap, some useful and some silly, but they put some cool things in some like xbox or ipod
  5. Oh well, at least it was for a good cause! Can you take the tax deduction as a charitable donation?
  6. I have to say I always wondered too... has anybody winning a Mystery Auction ever gotten anything really good... ???
  7. I honestly didn't think i'd win, i presumed it would have make up of perfume, something like that, it's not just a fake paddy, it's a fake paddy with the ''crystal'' lock and key:yucky:
  8. ^^ Ew. I'm not familiar with Chloe but even I know that doesn't exist. :wtf: :yucky:
  9. Oh I'm so sorry. In my opinion, a bag of junk and perfume/cosmetic samples would be acceptable for my "charity donation" but the presence of a fake bag would make me angry. :sad:
  10. Yeah, I never ever ever believe anything on eBay is for charity and never bid on those mystery boxes. I too want to see what im bidding on.

    Sorry you got scammed!
  11. I was thinking of bidding on a mystery bag. Not any longer. Sorry you were taken. :flowers:
  12. hmmm some paddies have crystal locks;)...i have one... is the key with crystals too?
  13. Wow I only bid on auctions where I can see the items, you can write to the selller that you received a fake bag.
  14. hi
    sorry it didnt come with anything you liked. I also always wondered what was in those mystery auctions. Ive seen some where the higher the bid the more "goodies" come in it but ive always been too afraid to bid
  15. was it the one in the fake chanel carrier bag??
    I saw a couple of those and thought hello since when did chanel but chanel PARIS on there carriers

    ho hum
    its still not good charity or no its counterfeit