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    You just think you are getting a bargain, but in the end you lose your most precious gift....your time...how many of you have gone through nightmares with eBay and/or PayPal...rhetorical question...I am putting together a list of everyone who has not been received satisfaction on items they have ordered. I am putting together an expose for national networks to expose eBay and PayPal for what they really are....they just take money and none of the responsibility....they have form replies and nothing more...they do not care if outright lies are posted to sell items and the only time they get involved is when the FBI or police are involved...and that manages to stay pretty quiet...if you are fed up with being ripped off without any assistance, please email me and we can form a group to stop this lack of complete regard for people's time and money. eBay is on the way out....time to expose them for what they are...
  2. I understand the bitterness toward EBAY since I had a problem there recently, that I did resolve with the seller.
    Thanks to the cooler heads that are here at this forum.:tup:

    My question is if we get rid of EBAY what are we going to replace it with and who will do this?:shrugs:
    All systems have their faults,IE: Governments, Microsoft Windows, DH's, LW's, let's face it the whole planet!:yes::yes:

    I for one would love to see EBAY get fixed.:yes::tup:
  3. I'm not unhappy with ebay yet.
  4. In the 8 years I have been on ebay I have really only had one bad experience. While going thru it felt like a nightmare, the issue is now over, has been for a few years, but in the end I still love ebay!
  5. I have been on ebay for 9 yrs with no major issues, a couple of NPB's and a person who thought it was cute to leave 10 powersellers neg fb in under a minute...but I refuse to allow people like that to run me off of ebay.
  6. ^Yeah I've been with them for about 8 years now and haven't had any MAJOR problems. A few NPBs and non performing sellers here and there but all issues were resloved by paypal/ebay in a timely manner and in my favor.
  7. I think we would all like to see a nice alternative to eBay. Your last statement mentioning eBay is on the way out, is just silly. They aren't going anywhere. Expose them for what? They have their problems just like any huge corporation would. You aren't going to find a flawless company anywhere. I will say I understand your pain though. Good luck to you.
  8. Same here, there will always be a few bad apples in the bushel. I've had a lot of fabulous dealings with wonderful people. There were also a few bad ones, but that's just part of the game. :shrugs:
  9. I have been doing eBay since 1997, come January it will be 11 yrs wow unreal hpw fast time has passed! I have experienced both the VERY best and the ugly &bad, but definitely more good than bad, otherwise I am sure I would have stopped ebaying a long time ago.

    For every transaction there are TWO parts of the equation, and I think this statement leaves one real important factor out. Taking reponsibility for one's actions. Now who's responsibility is that? eBay? Paypal? No and No. Both are venues that allow people to transact, nothing else. They each has a set of rules in place to help these transactions go as smoothly as possible in a lawful manner.

    The ultimate responsibility lies with the user, plain and simple, whether they are a seller or a buyer, each party is ultimately responsible for their actions or lack of actions. We are dealing with contract law here for the most part and any court of law will tell you that. Unless proven to be criminal activity (that will be the time the FBI and police would get involved), in contract law each party is held responsible to their end of the bargain. So what if a transaction goes wrong? There are remedies out there to help, USE them, and move on.

    In the end... I believe that buyers need to know/understand what is it that they are buying, read entire descriptions, ask for additional pics if there are not enough, ask questions before bidding, check out feedback (how many fail at that!). If they take a chance foolishly, take responsibilty, but seek remedies whenever possible as they are available, learn your lesson and move on.

    Sellers, responsible to know their item, yes that means whether it is authentic or not, working order or not, etc. If you do not know what you selling, then do not list it. List accurately as humanly possible, ship as soon as possible after payment, follow and extend common biz practices and courtesies, like emailing a quick thank you for the prompt payment, also shipping status (I personally think this is KEY to many problems), follow up with your buyer and the item is received, leave feedback etc. SOLVE issues with your buyer if there are any. Make it work, 'cause you are the seller, not eBay or Paypal.
  10. ebay has its flaws but to me, it's better than nothing at all. in all my years of selling, i have had only one major problem (and it was really my fault for being careless and naive). for those who believe the risks outweigh the benefits they certainly have a choice -- don't use ebay. but for me it's still worth it so i would like to have the option. even though it's more of a hassle these days and i am more nervous than i used to be, i still manage to have pleasant transactions (and have even met some GREAT people). there are honest/nice people on ebay! you just have to be more discriminating in who you deal with (for example, i have gotten to the point where i don't bother to respond to people who seem difficult -- even if they have perfect feedback, i am not interested in a PITA transaction).

    btw, how come nobody complains about ioffer which seems to only sell fakes? is it because they know they're getting a fake? i think if anything, ioffer should be shut down.

    ps the focus should not just be on sellers -- fraudulent buyers cause just as much trouble.
  11. ITA with both of these statements!
    Ioffer is a haven for fakes and yet when you look at some of the cruddy fakes they sell, you see all these comments from buyers and potential buyers about "is it like the original?" "Does it come with all authentication papers?" Ugh. Sounds to ME like they know they're buying a fake.
    Yet Ioffer never does anything about it.

    And also, I agree, the buyers can be just as much trouble. I've had a lot of sales and not as many NPB's, but they're annoying and just waste time. So you're right, fradulent sellers aren't the only ones who need to be paid attention to.
  12. I think you're being a bit dramatic. Ebay is not going anywhere any time soon. Sure they have their problems. I've had issues with them, but nothing horrendous. Just their normal B.S. And I've never had a problem with any of the items I've purchased.
  13. FYI - I am not happy with eBay either. But "Calls to Action" are NOT ALLOWED on the Purse Forum. I see this was your first post. If you want to avoid getting banned by a moderator, please PM a mod and ask for this thread to be closed or deleted.
  14. I do not care much for ebay, but with the one main issue I had PayPal resolved the issue in a timely manner in my favor. I've no complaints with ebay or PayPal, just the unscrupulous sellers (and buyers, too).
  15. I've had more good experiences with Ebay than bad ones. Good luck!
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