Ebay going down hill?

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  1. Okay, I don't know if it's just my experience, but it seems much harder to sell things on ebay now compared to before. I used to be able to sell most of the things I put up for auction quite easily, but now barely anything moves! My feedback is still 100%, the things that I sell aren't crap (or so I think!), and my prices are reasonable. So what gives?? Does anyone else feel this way too? Or is it just me? :huh:
  2. I think its the same for everyone. It is definately more difficulte to sell things b/c buyers are aware of fakes or bad expierences.

  3. Summer is always slow. Don't worry it will pick up.
  4. You are talking bags? I would imagine people are just scared of fakes since they may have personally been scammed before, or heard of horror stories from others.
  5. I use Ebay mostly for selling clothes that I bought but never wore. I don't think the clothes I want to get rid of are weird or obscure (they're from standard retailers like JCrew, Banana Republic, etc.) My recent inability to sell some of my clothes is disappointing because it hinders my ability to buy new bags! :sad:

  6. Summer slowdown, it's true.
  7. I have noticed the same thing...for about the last year you can't sell anything for a good price, there are tons of fake bags, but you can get a great deal on coats and things. So it's good news if you're buying (as long as it's not the fake bags), but bad news if you're selling. I think the novelty of eBay has worn off.
  8. Yeah.. people are on vacation. Summer sales from stores.. etc.
  9. I don't like selling or buying on ebay anymore. A lot of cheaters there, and ebay doesn't do a darn thing to control the situation.
  10. Summer is a;lways slow on ebay!
    Also it depends on what kind of clothes you're selling...if it's fall/winter stuff no one wants that right now.
    I sold a ton of used clothes on ebay about 1.5 months ago and had no problem getting rid of over 100 items (only 3 pieces didn't sell)....some of them even sold for almost equal to what I paid on sale!
    Have patience! I have a bunch of stuff on right now...and it's moving slowly, but I think it's because of the semi-long weekend coming up.
  11. Agreed - plus the fees are much more than they were before. I used to sell small items on eBay and now, if I did, sometimes I'd actually lose money on auctions. So there's just no point !
  12. I think people are looking to buy items for a real bargain.The only way I have been selling my items is by listing them for really cheap & then they sell.
  13. i have the same experience, i get much less money than before.
  14. I think Ebay is hit or miss, at best. Plus, the cost of everything has gone up...I mean gas and utilities. Maybe people just don't have the disposable income they did before?
  15. I've been buying alot on Ebay but its because I'm getting great deals - sometimes I don't even have anyone bid against me. I think its a slow time of the year.