Ebay Gets Worse! I Am Furious!!

  1. Just when i thought eBay couldn't get any worse!!!!!!:cursing:

    I got a message today telling me about the new feedback layout. I clicked on my own name to see what it looked like!

    I HAVE 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK yet they are showing a negative in the last 6-12 months.:shocked: I DON'T HAVE ANY NEGATIVES!:wtf:

    Thes people are so stupid that they are showing a negative yet the 100% is still showing.

    Of course I contacted my account manager who is "looking into it"
    Check back in 12 months I may have had a reply by then!!

    I am seriously almost foaming at the mouth with eBay!:mad:
  2. I know what you mean -- eBay and its new functionality is not completely compatible with my Mac. I cannot use the new selling format because it doesn't work right. And I just found out that the 2nd chance offer page doesn't work right either -- I cannot add in a note to the potential buyer. You would think they would check these things before releasing the new software!
  3. Oh Roz, I'm so sorry. You've had so many problems with paypal/ebay. I agree, their new formats are terrible. I can't seem to get stuff that I list to show up on the international sites because when I click the international shipping options, it reverts back. The old layout didn't do this to me. Worse, the old sell your item forms will be unavailable soon. :cursing:
  4. and I can't find my sold items! They are falling through the cracks-something I sold 9 days ago has vanished mysteriously, only going back through PayPal and then pulling it up by the auction # can I access it-this is bad!!!
  5. same here I thought I was going crazy. recently sold 3 items which were all paid for. I went to leave the buyers feedback and now they are longer in "myebay" I have no idea what happened. Had to look through paypal for auction #. ebay truly has lost me as buyer and seller, this is last straw. Its like the 10th time ebay has screwed up with me.
  6. It's falling apart at the seams guys!!!!
  7. Thanks bullet, one just doesn't know what the next day is going to bring with them anymore!

    So sorry everyone else is having so many problems! I wonder why it has all gone so horribly wrong?
  8. It has gone horribly wrong for the same reason that Starbucks coffee has started to suck and Krispy Kreme closed 60% of their stores. They get too big, start trying to make too much money to fast. There is nothing that can zap the fun and creativity out of an organization quicker than a bunch of old men sitting on the board of directors making decisions.
  9. ITA Irish, I think one word sums it all up GREED!!
  10. A little ot for ebay rants but girls please PLEASE check your monthly invoices from eBay. I find myself fighting each month because my statements are off in a big way, so now I am fighting to have them credit me what I owed. The customer service is a total joke.
  11. OMG I never chek my statements there is always too much there! How did they overcharge you?
  12. Ugh yes, I'd like to know also! One thing I do is pay before they deduct my fees out of my bank account so I do see how much they're charging me.

    But yeah I agree, ebay is getting really annoying for me too. I hate their new selling form, it's SO much more complicated to use.
  13. Yes, please tell us. There's too much stuff on the invoice. I know that if they pull an auction after the item is sold, you don't get a refund of the FVF! They refund the listing fee, but the FVF! I spoke to an ebay rep last night as to why the FVF wasn't automatically refunded, and he didn't know??? :cursing:
  14. Roz, I've actually noticed that negative in your feedback summary for a while now... it's coming up as -1 though, which is unusual, and it doesn't effect your 100% positive feedback. ebay is going down...

    Speaking of feedback system changing, you all should check out ebay Australia. Buyers now get to rate seller performance, it's not just +ve or -ve anymore. Seller's get judged on communication, speed of post, etc. I can see the added stress already. :hysteric: I think other sites will be following suit, which is unusual coz we're usually last to get anything.

  15. Hi Lean, OMG it never appeared with me until yesterday, I haven't a clue what is going on with ebay, it is so frustrating! I am even more furious now that I know that it has been there for people to see for a while.
    Anyone can go right through my feedback to see there are no negatives there:cursing: