Ebay Germany and Paypal

  1. I always give a look at the European eBay sites for items (Italian eBay is so dead...and full of fakes). I noticed that German sellers never accept Paypal as payment, but preferably they get bank transfer: is there a reason behind it? I don't feel safe paying by bank transfer
  2. I don't know about Germany but I know that in Holland Paypal only works with credit cards, while a lot of Dutch people don't have credit cards. Maybe it's the same in Germany. Plus Europeans in general are still quite scared of the internet and giving out their credit card details.
  3. I buy all the time out of germany. A few sellers don't have it but the majority of them do (clothing auctions) A few I've asked haven't had it listed but do if you ask especially. If they don't, I don't buy.
  4. This is a good question...I want to buy alot too but they dont accept paypal and I refuse to do a bank transfer. It stinks cause I have missed alot of stuff I wanted.

    Also what is up with all the German auctions being private and the sellers ID's are private too. That to me is fishy. Anyone know why they do this?
  5. I bought from Germany once and it was great, an expensive item too, but they did take paypal. I have also bought from France and England using Paypal. I would definitely not pay by bank transfer.
  6. I think it's probably because paypal hasn't been available for as long as in the States, so it's newer and you read so many horror stories about paypal screwups, non-protection etc. that people are careful and don't trust paypal. Many European sellers mostly sell within their own country (language barriers, customs, etc.) and that's why they don't need paypal. Many ebayers also mostly buy and have a buyer's account, I had one for years but only recently begun selling expensive high-end handbags and had to figure out how it works to receive payment. I accept it but I'm still a bit scared, what about chargebacks etc. You don't have to worry about that with wire transfer. I just still have a sense of unease about accepting paypal payments but I do.
    Now as a buyer, if I can't pay with paypal for a purchase outside of Switzerland, I won't do it.
  7. Hi, I lived in Germany from 2001-2003 and in the 1980s. The German banking and taxation system is far different from ours, they are taxed on their bank balances, transfers, etc. Most only use credit cards in a limited way. The German post has "accounts" into and out of which you can transfer money so the need for paypal may not be as acute since many Germans use this system to pay rents, utility bills, etc. Further, there may be some German taxation regulations that would subject a foreign account to some kind of tax (after having dealt with their taxation and customs authorities, that is my intuition, and most Germans don't want to get caught on the wrong side of a dispute with the taxman). That may be the reason that you won't often see German eBay listings that accept paypal. You see similar issues with the Netherlands and Belgium and their fees for money orders or checks.