eBay gave me hard time???

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  1. I don't know you guys had this experience or not. I had listed my authentic items on eBay, but sometimes eBay gave me hard time. They thought I was selling a fake item, but I wasn't. I had listed receipt and original package, but they still removed my item. I am so stressful that I can't sell my stuff easily. I also saw lots of people who listed real fake item, but they passed by eBay. I don't know why~~~:crybaby::shrugs::crybaby::shrugs:
  2. Ebay doesn't know what's fake and what's not. It's terrible when they remove authentic stuff while there's so much fake stuff still up.
  3. i've never sold on ebay, and for the time being, i don't intend to. i've been hearing too many horror stories.

    i agree w/ Pewter, ebay does not know real from fake. it's frustrating, i know. did they ask you for documentation? they may let you list your bag if you email them some info, plus a copy of the receipt.
  4. Just relist your stuff.
  5. Arrrgggghhhh ... this has happened to me as well (with a Chanel Wallet many moons ago). Here's the thing ... a "receipt" doesn't always PROVE authenticity (they can be FAKED as well!!!).

    Just within the past month, eBay removed two of my auctions (Jewelry items). One was removed because eBay had "DEEMED" the shipping to be too high!! I was SO pissed ... WTF ... since when do they have the authority to do that??? Just because I don't use THEIR stinkin' Shipping service, they decide to terminate my auction! I wrote them a very NASTY note about that, but I ended up having to reduce the shipping and ... as I suspected, I ended up having to eat the additional cost (which means that I'm probably not going to be shipping much overseas anymore!).

    eBay then removed another auction of mine for - GET THIS - an "un-authorized" URL link! Huh?!?!? ... what constitutes "un-authorized"???

    eBay used to be a great place for the "small-time collector" to put up stuff that he/she wanted to sell ... NOT ANYMORE! They have really become a "business" which really only wants to deal with "Dealers" and quasi-storefronts. I've never used Half-Bay (is that what it's called?) ... I'm not sure about the prices or expectations on it.

    I agree with the other poster - just RELIST it and cross your fingers!
  6. I don't have problem to list purses, but yeah it always happened on listing jewelry. It's so hard to take a photo of the signature on the tiny piece with a low resolution digicam. :shrugs: Anyways, I relisted it with better photos and I wish it will get thru.:girlsigh:
  7. Whoa, no. Don't relist until you get Ebay's permission to relist it. Even though it's authentic, Ebay doesn't know that and is considering it to be counterfeit. You can get immediately suspended if you just relist it...
  8. I agree with Pewter, as much as ebay can get very fustrating when selling designer items, you cannot just go and relist it. how about you try sending an email to whyended@ebay.com to possibly see a more lengthy explanation on why your auction was pulled.
  9. Hi dear

    I'm so sorry to hear that :sad:

    Unfortunately ebay acts on cancelling listing etc because someone has reported them. I only found this out when I was selling some of my Armani & Gucci stuff. Apparently someone reported me coz I mention the names of my other bags. I was so upset as nearly 95% of the Gucci stuff on ebay and why are picking on me. But I found out that u r not allowed to list to many names and only say "I'm selling many other designer items" did u do that?

    Also back to unfortunately that someone actually reported your listing as being a fake. Ebay will only remove listings if reported by another user. I also found out particpating on the ebay purse board that the reporters are usually the competitors who umm sell fake purses and they try to find some way of eliminating competition on their purses.

    These seller also regularly read the stuff on the purse authentication board to find out more info and ways to decieve buyers and make their purses more "real"

    You poor thing I hope everything b ok. Don't give up hope on selling your items. Any experience collectors will know what they are looking for & hopefully whatever u r selling will have a good auction :smile: