EBay Found Liable in Louis Vuitton Suit

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  1. That judgement is the equivalent of one of us being fined $10. It won't make a hill of beans, IMO.
  2. ^ Ita.
  3. Interesting. But eBay was using a search engine strategy that all companies use so it wasn't really deceptive. I bet Louis Vuitton does the same thing.
  4. Interesting! I just typed 'Viton' into Google, guess what popped up near the top?
  5. ^^^ I just did the same thing. The top three links were for the rubber material known as Viton. The next one after that was the official LV website. There weren't any eBay links at all.
  6. And to think ebay duns people who list stuff for sale for "keyword spamming":nuts:
  7. Wow. That is interesting, but I agree don't more cooperations do this?

  8. Agreed...! :yes::yes: