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  1. My best advice is to stay clear of ebay forums. You won't find any help there at all.

    Is this a place where ebay sellers can get answers to their questions without being harrassed? Or do you allow ebay trolls on TP?

  2. :confused1:
    we're moderated. . .
  3. Caped,

    You confused me...:confused1:
  4. Hmm, I visit the PowerSeller boards often, but I hear some the other ebay boards can get ugly. They are ussually brutally honest....
  5. Maybe s/he's just ticked at eBay and trying to spread the word. I see that it's the first post here. :shrugs:
  6. Caped, is that really you?
  7. Hello Orangecapehides :smile:

    I think she intent to warn us to not to post on eBay board - so many people with "spirit of confrontation" (sp? ) in their bloods. We posted for some advices or supports but will they'll come after us :s
  8. I just read the thread on ebay board, some tPF member bought fake LV... even left positive for them...
  9. i don't think that's really orangecaped from the boards. probably someone she outed.
  10. ^^ I was wondering... I gave up on the ebay boards and thus found tPF.
  11. I don't believe that the OP is eBay's "Orange". I think it is probably the tPF person who is involved in an LV wallet dispute and was discovered to have purchased several fake LVs and left positive feeback for the sellers. For example, "cute faux LV wallet. Son will love it even though it's fake." Stuff like that. In addition, the tPF member makes much out of not buying or selling fakes in her own auctions, but was discovered to have, on several occassions, done exactly that.

    There is a lengthy thread on it and it has gotten nasty. Given the circumstances, I can understand why.
  12. can i see a link?!
  13. I was on there yesterday and missed it somehow.

    I don't know if it is the real "caped" or not, but the real caped is very smart and respected and has helped a lot of people inculding myself on the eBay boards over the years.
  14. I find it extremely hard to believe this OP is the Caped that is on the eBay boards. The real Caped is articulate and doesn't pull any punches. She would not likely join a new board and start a thread with a message as ambiguous and "pot stirring" as the original post here.

    She would have no reason to come here and attempt to cause conflict between the boards.

    This is a lame attempt to cause trouble, IMHO.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.