ebay finding-color of black lux bowler lining

  1. Hi! I can't seem to find pics of the lining of authentic chanel black lux bowler and I found a black lux bowler handbag on Ebay but was wondering what the lining is supposed to be like...the seller says it is red leather inner lining..is that what an authentic chanel has?

    Thanks all.
  2. If it's a black metallix luxury bag the interior lining should be BLACK leather.
  3. For S/S 07, NM is going to be carrying luxe bowlers in black and white. I'm not sure what sizes, but I'll try to find out more info on Saturday.
  4. Molls, your doggie is adorable!
  5. For 06 spring and summer, if the lux bowler is black calf skin, the lining is burgendy leather lining, If it is metalic black goatskin, the lining is black leather.
  6. isn't it going to be $400 more tho?
  7. ooo... i saw the bag you are talking about on ebay -i believe its the only one in black for sale, and it's a FAKE!! a terrible one at that, please stay away from it! i cant believe theres already someone who bid like 500 dollars on it!
  8. Thank you, I just LOVE her :tender:, she's like my very own big bear cub :nuts:.

    jeshika, you mean the price is going up $400 :wtf: , that's insane :cursing: .

    As for ebay, yeah, there are so many fakes being sold, it's not worth taking a chance. They can even post a picture of a real bag and still send a fake :mad: .
  9. Yeah! That's what they were saying a couple weeks ago for next season's bowlers... that's why i hauled a*s and bought my bowler. $2160 was bad enough... $2560 is WAAAAAAY out of my budget.... i think my bag costs more than what my bf's car is worth. please don't tell him how much my bags cost. haha.
  10. :roflmfao: jeshika, you are soooooo funny, LOL! You're secret's safe with me ;) .