Ebay find, keep or return ?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I found this epi petit noe in the Lilac color on Ebay earlier this week and got it for a steal !! The only problem is it's condition was slightly worse in person than it appeared in the pictures. The seller also didn't mention it in the description. :sad:

    It looks like the 'varnishing' on the epi wore in 2 spots by the rings. The corners are in great condition and there's no cracking anywhere except on the draw string and the interior is pristine.

    The seller does accept returns but since I got it for such a good price, I'm not sure what to do ! :confused1:

    Does anyone know if LV will revarnish epi leather??

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  2. It doesn't look to bad based on the pictures. Maybe try a bandeau or a twilly as a tie to cover some of it?
  3. LV will not repair the bag. The suggestion about a bandeau or twilly to hide the damage is a good one. If you got the bag for a steal, I would just use and enjoy it- forget about these flaws. They could happen to a BN bag from the store as well with use. I think it is lovely!
  4. Just out of curiosity why will LV NOT repair the bag?
  5. I would not keep it. These are pretty noticeable and you will always know they are there.

    If you decide to return it, I hope you get another one because Noé in Épi is so chic!
  6. Great color but if you are questioning to keep or not... Bye to the bag. Let's face it, it's only going to get worse overtime if you decide to keep it and that would be annoying!! Bye bye bag 😞
  7. Keep it!
  8. google a leather repair shop in your area sometimes they can blend in the color and it'll be brand new again..
  9. I would suggest keeping it. That color is gorgeous and doesn't appear very often on eBay. Try some leather dye on the area in question. I'm about to try yellow leather dye on my key holder.
    So sorry the bag was not as stated. Maybe he would knock down the price because the flaws weren't listed.
  10. I would personally keep it, especially if you got it at such a great deal like you say you did. Speak with the seller and see if they will discount the bag further due to the condition not being as described and in the meantime, as already suggested, either find a good cobbler to blend the colour or a nice twilly/bandeaux to accent the epi.
  11. I think it looks pretty bad, I wouldn't keep it even for a great price.
  12. Maybe try finding matching paint at a craft store, mix it with conditioner, and apply it sparingly to blend the spots in a little better? That's a trick from the Coach rehab board, but it might work here. Just don't paint on plain paint; it'll look bad and wear badly. But I'd only try that if it were the deal of the century.
  13. I would not keep that bag, but you need to decide if the condition is worth keeping for you. Would you wear it? If not return. If you would keep.
  14. Thanks everyone for the input, I think I am leaning towards keeping it ! :biggrin:

    This color is indeed not as easy to find and I think my trunks bandeau in the rose poudre might actually look really good with this bag ! I would ask the seller for a partial refund but like I said, it was a steal, even in the condition it's in, since the seller didn't even know the name/price of the bag...
  15. I'd keep her. Having an older peice with wear to me shows you love and use your bags. Not every bag is pristine in my collection. If you really love her, find her a space in your closet. :heart: