Ebay fees

  1. Does ebay charge the seller fees for listing eventhough the items unsold??
  2. yes. They charge you a listing fee. There wont be a final value fee unless the item sells.
  3. The listing fees are relatively inexpensive. It's the final value fees that take the real bite--but that's only if the item is sold.
  4. The listing fee can be high...if you have a reserve price that adds to it, pictures, your starting bid amount also adds to the price and so does a reserve price and the amount of the reserve price...so glad I finally sold all my Chloe bags, I hate being an ebay seller...listing fees, final value fees, PayPal fees....PayPal fees are the worst.
  5. pictures are free if you add them into the body of your auction with html
  6. I hate Paypal fees with a passion!! By the time you get your money, you've basically lost another big chunk due to all the fees.:cursing:
  7. wow thanks..didn't know that..