EBay Fees..how do they take it?

  1. I am a novice SELLER on eBay. I just sold an item for $600. I know the listing fee was about 8 dollars and they should pull it from my bank account. Then paypal deducted some amount from the total that the buyer sent me by paypal. Now is that it? Does eBay take a percentage of the total of the auction? When do they take it and how. bear with me....I am a new seller...(oh, but not a new buyer!)
  2. yes they also take a % from the total of the sold amount...im not sure what percent but they do :push:
  3. Go to your 'my eBay summary' page on the left hand side under the heading My Account there is the sub-heading 'Seller Account' click on this and then on the (view account status). From here you can check your ebay fees.
    Paypal takes its percentage automatically when the payment is received. Ebay will bill you seperately or you can do the 'pay now' thing.
  4. Hi. Use an ebay fee calculator to figure out what the listing fee/final value fee/paypal fees are, before you list. That way you can figure out a good starting price for your listing.
  5. Thank You Very Much!