Ebay fees calculator needed please

  1. I found this calculator, but I was hoping one of you had a more detailed one I could use.....

  2. That's the one I use.
  3. I like it- but once upon a search I found one that was very detail orientated...
  4. There was another one I was using but is disappeared. My link did not work anymore.
  5. Could you PM me the link please? I just need to know specificssssss....
  6. this is SO great - thx a million! :tup:
  7. thanks!! this is something i've been looking for!
  8. Thanks! I Need This!
  9. http://www.ebcalc.com/

    i came across this website while calculating my eBay and paypal fee.
    they also have separated site for paypal, eBay, bidpay....

    hope it helps:tup:
  10. wow! Thanks for the info. Is this site pretty accurate?
  11. Gee thanks, I have never known how they are worked out, I just pay and hope its ok.
  12. i think it's helpful to determine how much to start off w the price ;)
  13. Wow - this is helpful! It's nice to have 'what-if' scenarios to see what price I need to list an item! thanks!
  14. Awesome! Thanks for posting! :flowers: