Ebay fees are killing me

  1. I don't sell often on eBay and now I remember why. I just sold an item for about $350 and there were over $20 in eBay & paypal fees. I sold it at a loss to begin with hoping to get higher bids. I even raised the shipping fee to help cover the fees but it wasn't nearly enough.

    I also sold an item for .99 and looking over the fees, I basically paid $1.07 to sell it. What a waste of time.

    I don't know how people who sell on there make a profit. I just like to break even.

    Just wanted to rant about how eBay sucks.
  2. I totally hear ya. it does suck. paypal even more what a ripoff. But it does make things speedy.

    But the sucky thing is its still the best outlet over cosigning it. Consign places take between 30-40%! And thats not worth it either.

    I try to watch for listing specials to help a little with the cost. but the ebay gauging fees and paypal ridiculous fees don't help much.
  3. Before ebay, basically the only option was consigning. I think it's well worth the 6% that ebay/paypal charge. I do think though that for professional sellers, the overhead can be quite high. For people like me though, I consider it a bargain.
  4. I feel your pain bagsforme. They're killing me too:crybaby:
  5. I agree... when you add up ebay and paypal fees, you really have to decide whether it's worth your time and effort to even list an item.

    Also, some people complain about people listing a hot item for higher than retail, but if you take into account listing and final value fees, paypal fees and any tax that you paid on the initial item, it's usually not that much of a mark-up. The profit is not as much as it may seem.

    Unfortunately, ebay is a great selling tool though... so much exposure.
  6. Yes, those fees do put a dent in the profit! I very rarely put anything on for 99 cents any more - I send lower end items (clothing etc), but always price at my lowest profit level, so that if there is only one buyer, all my fees are covered and I make at least a small profit. I'd rather do that than pay somebody to take my items!

    A wise person said that you make your profit when you BUY the item (ie you already know what you can sell it for, so you have to purchase it at the lowest possible price).

    I still think that for the occasional seller, who wants to liquidate their handbag assets to have some cash for a new bag, ebay is second to none!
  7. Do a search for ebay fee calculators and use them before listing.

    There are a lot of sellers thinking they are making a killing selling their bags cheaper than other sellers. They just don't realize that once they calculate the PP and EBay fees (including the listing fee) that they are losing money.

    Start your bags at a price that includes what the bare minimum is that you want to make profit above your costs.
  8. dont use ebay to host ur pics. everything i have ever listed i spend no more than $2.75 and this is with HUGGGGGGGGE pics, 6-8 pics hosted via html method through photobucket.com ...insertion fee + gallery is all I pay for and have been quite successful with all of them when it comes to selling.
  9. agreed agreed
  10. missD - Can you tell me how to do post photobucket photos onto ebay? I have just started selling and I am rubbish with html I know it can be done just have no idea how to do it!
  11. After you upload your photos to photobucket, do a select all. Then Generate HTML Code. Then select all the text in the top box and paste it in to the html part of the listing description. Then go to the description in plain text and move the photos around the way you want tnem.
  12. Makes me wonder how those "let us sell your items for you on eBay" places do... I bet they charge a hefty % fee of the final sale price! Anybody know how much? I'd hope they take less than what consignment stores take - or on the other hand, perhaps they justify taking more b/c they're going to be selling to a larger audience than a consignment store (and hopefully demand a higher sale price)!
  13. yup! once you upload the pics into photobucket.com it automatically gives u url link, [​IMG]
  14. I hate ebay. since they charge you a fee to list your items, they shouldn't be able to take that huge of a cut when you sell the items. And then they send that stupid email from greedy bill cobb saying that based on the fact they're not profiting as much as they'd like, they're revising the fee structure to steal more of your money. it's like selling through the mob. Why don't they try not pissing so many people off and they would have more business?
  15. I use Auctiva to host my pictures. Definite savings there!